Williams Enjoys American Adventure

When North Dakota State College of Science's Matt Williams left England at age fifteen he wasn't planning a career in American football. During his journey in the United States over the past few years things changed and he is now a very highly sought-after JUCO offensive lineman...

Matt Williams has certainly had a different experience in the United States than he expected. One that has led him down a winding path.

"When I left Liverpool, England, at age 15 I was coming to the U.S. in pursuit of a basketball career," said Williams.

Now Williams plays JUCO football at North Dakota State College of Sciences and has scholarship offers to play American football.

"I have scholarship offers from California, Illinois, Iowa State, Kansas, UCLA, and Kansas State," said Williams. "I'm open to all of them and just looking for the best fit."

The best fit for the 6-foot-7, 285-pound offensive tackle was not even a football field when he first left Europe at a young age.

Williams said: "When I was at prep school in New Hampshire I also played soccer and then I started watching American football and really got into it so I decided to start playing it my junior year. I played wide receiver as a junior and then tight end as a senior. I was all set to go to Oklahoma Panhandle State but then my coached connected with the staff at North Dakota State College of Science and he told them that he had a guy who he thought could be a player and so I came here and it has really been working out."

Williams made the switch to offensive line last season and he has been very pleased with getting to play his new position.

"They felt I could be pretty solid at tackle because I had solid feet due to all the basketball I played," he said. "I really love it. I have a lot more fun playing tackle than I did playing wide receiver and tight end."

So what is Williams looking for in a school?

"The first thing is a great education and then a school that plays great football," he said. "I also want a great relationship with the offensive line coach and to make sure that the coaching staff will be staying there while I play there."

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