Turner Names His Favorites

Josiah Turner, who was outstanding in Las Vegas this last week and is easily one of the best point guard prospects in the country, named the three schools at the top of his list...

Josiah Turner, 6-2 PG Sacramento (Calif.) High, has taken a big leap forward as a prospect in the last several months. He's toned up his body considerably and he's moving much better as a result. He's one of the best passers in the country and he's making much better decisions than he was three months ago. He's the top point guard in the west for 2011 and it's no surprise that his recruitment has expanded.

I spoke with Turner in Las Vegas and asked about the schools on his list.

"Kansas, Georgia Tech, Oklahoma, Duke, UConn and Wake Forest," said Turner. "I'm still wide open but I like Kansas, Duke and UConn."

I asked Turner what he is looking for in a school.

"A good relationship with the coaches and the style of play," said Turner. "i like to play in the open court. Location doesn't matter."

When asked if he has a time frame for picking a school, Turner replied, "I'll probably narrow it down to three or so after July."

Editors Note: While Turner didn't mention UCLA when we interviewed him in Las Vegas Sunday, good sources are indicating that he in fact is considering the Bruins at this time.

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