Presley Finds a Spot in the Offense

Morrell Presley, the sophomore F-Back, is starting to come into his own, looking more disciplined and relaiable in the first two days of practice. We spoke to him briefly about his development...

Morrell Presley, now a sophomore, came to UCLA as a tight end, was used some as a wide receiver, but now he seems to have found his place at the F-Back spot in Norm Chow's Revolver offense. The position actually allows him to be used as a tight end and wide receiver at various times, so it's a spot that fits Presley well.

You seem to be catching the ball a lot cleaner than you were last season, getting your hands right and everything. What went into that?

‘'It was a lot of extra work, working hard, catching as many balls as I can. That's what (offensive coordinator Norm) Chow emphasized to me. Catch as many balls as I can on your break, on the weekend. And then I got the playbook down a little bit more so I don't have to think about that as much. I'm just focusing on getting my hands big and really watching the ball into my hands.''

So you were out there pretty much every day?

‘'Pretty much every day, and when I was in my room, I'd get a tennis ball, throw it against the wall. I was always working on hand-to-eye, hand-to-eye.''

What is getting the hands in the right position?

‘'Not even that, just watching the ball all the way to my hands. I had a bad habit of just throwing my hands up there and trying to go before I even catch it. I've just got to just stress it more and emphasize it more and I'll be all right.''

Instead of a tennis ball, have you ever tried that with a football? It comes off the wall at odd angles, more of a reaction thing …

‘'I think I'm going to try that.''

But, again, a little more comfortable with everything now. You've had two spring, one season …

‘'Just more comfortable with the plays. I mean, in the spring, that's when I got my plays down, to the back of my head, to where I just knew them. So now, I'm just lining up and playing like it's high school, just fast, at a fast pace. The faster I play, the easier it is. I don't have to think as much and I'm just having fun right now.''

Probably helps that you're locked into one spot now, too, doesn't it?

‘'I like the ‘F.' There is a lot of stuff that goes into it, a lot of studying because you do so much. You're not just in one place, you're in a lot of places. There's a lot of studying, but when you get the hang of it, it's fun, because nobody can just key on you.''

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