Neuheisel on Thursday Practice

Rick Neuheisel talked about keeping his starting quarterback out of practice again, how the other QBs are doing, and what to look forward to when the team puts on the pads Friday...

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Opening statement:

‘'Another good day. You can tell we're getting a little bit of that leg weariness that comes with the fourth day, especially given all the reps that we've been able to divvy up, with the way we've practiced. But I'm excited about putting the whole team together tomorrow and watching us get after each other for the first time in full pads. That will be exciting, and then Saturday in the morning we'll practice in shorts and shoulder pads and then have a little bit of a scrimmage on Saturday afternoon. So, looking forward to the weekend.''


‘'Mini-scrimmage, yeah. I don't know how many plays … 30, 40 something like that.''

Is Kevin Prince going to be able to go?

‘'You know, I don't know. We want that muscle to calm down. It's one of those things with muscles, if it's not healthy, and you rip something, you throw something, you rip it again, now you're back to square one. So you probably go more days than you think necessary. I would say if not Saturday, then certainly Sunday or Monday.''

What have you seen different from Richbard Brehaut this year?

‘'Well, he knows what he's doing, at least most of the time. It was a 50 percent proposition last year, and he's one of those kids that just nods at you – ‘I got it, I got it, I got it.' He's a fearless guy, but you can't play this position without all the tools and knowing everything is certainly necessary in your tool box.''

A guy like Anthony Barr, with his size, I know he was a running back, but is it almost more effective not getting him the ball in the position he's in now?

‘'I think he has the chance to impact the game in a variety of ways with where he's playing and, you know, he and Christian Ramirez and Morrell Presley are all unique kind of athletes in that they can do a little of everything. So, I feel like we've got a good thing going at that position.''

That plays in well at that position, in this offense …

‘'Exactly. He's what you're looking for in that regard.''

You went on the grass today …

‘'That was in the plan anyway. We move it to either side so that we can keep the kids fresh doing everything that they can do. That's why we have a grass field. We like it. We just can't use it all the time.''

Being in Southern California, why do you even need this (artificial) field?

‘'Because you can walk over there and see, in one practice, how much damage we did to that turf and we've got a lot of practices between now and November. It's just hard to keep it together. Almost everybody you play has these fields, not necessarily on the game day. It's part of the deal, and I know there are opinions to the contrary, but I would say to you that there's no study that more injuries happen on this than that.''

You get the pads on tomorrow, what are you most excited about seeing?

‘'Oh, I'm excited for the whole thing. We've got a number of young player who have shown promise. It's always fun to see what happens to their minds when there is some banging going on. Now, you can see that there still was still a lot of banging, but we'll get a little bit more aggressive tomorrow obviously, and it's always fun to see how they react to that.''

When do you start narrowing it down, who gets the reps?

‘'Well, it will get narrowed down now. We had the divided squad now, so everybody got chances. I just made the point to the team that, you know, these young players, a lot of them are going to have to learn vicariously. And then they asked what that meant, and I said, you've got to watch what the other guy does and make sure you are not making the same mistakes because you're not going to get the same amount of reps to make the mistakes yourself. It's a necessary part of football, because we all know there's a limited amount of time and a limited amount of chances that you can put your guys after each other in full gear and still be ready to play your first game. That's why experience is so important.''

When do you see yourself zeroing in on a starting lineup?

‘'Oh, we'll make some more decisions after the 21st. You kind of gear through all the way to that first big scrimmage and see how guys respond to that when the coaches aren't out on the field and all that stuff, then you decide who your team is and then you start coaching them.''

You said 30 plays on Saturday …

‘'Yeah, I don't want to be held to it. I'd love to get 100 plays, but it's just not prudent to do this early.''

The one at Drake …

‘'That one you hope to get somewhere between 80 and 100. That's the one big one. Then you have one other one about eight days before the first game where you do it against look team, what you perceive to be look teams, and then you call off the jam and see if you can't be ready to play a game in Manhattan, Kansas.''

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