Neuheisel After Saturday Practice #1

Rick Neuheisel talked after the first practice on the first day of two-a-days, discussing injuries and their impact on practices, how quarterback Darius Bell is doing, and more...

Opening statement

‘'I spoke too soon yesterday with respect to getting out of that practice unscathed. I guess Alex Mascarenas pulled a hammy on that last play, and I was unaware, so I will neve3r say that again until I'm absolutely positively sure. I think we got out of today OK, but I saw Wesley Flowers grabbing his side. We'll have to wait and see what took place there. Obviously, like all football teams, you get nicked up but the guys have got to push through. The NCAA has done a great job in terms of making sure that it's not, in the old days it was double days every day, now we can go two practices today, one tomorrow, so if you look down the road you don't have to save yourself as you might have to in the old days. You can kind if push through and we as coaches have to do a great job with how much is too much and so forth. But I like where we are right now, I like the progress. Again, we have to be able to practice safely, so we can get to the dance and play Kansas State as well as possible.''

Did you ever envision a situation where you'd say, no tackling? They're doing that at ‘SC …

‘'Well, there's only so many times you can put your teams at risk. Tackling, there are a lot of bodies going to the ground and with the strength and speed of these kids, the size of them, you're going to have problems. So, that makes all the sense in the world. But the game is a tackling game, so you have to practice it, so we have to do it nicely in some circumstances and then we have to let the fur fly every now and then. We're going to do that for a few plays this afternoon. The kids like it. It's emotional. It's fun. But hopefully, we'll survive it.''

How much further can you go with Kevin (Prince) before it becomes an issue?

‘'I think we're still OK. You feel better because he's had experience. He played last year''

When would it become an issue?

‘'If we had to get all the way up to game week and he hadn't played, that would be a problem. But I think we're fine. He's dying right now, he wants to be in there so badly. But I think we'll probably have him back by Monday.''

So definitely not tomorrow?

‘'I would say probably not tomorrow. You know, one practice, let's give it another 24 hours and see where we are on Monday morning.''

Who is going to get the reps in the scrimmage part of the afternoon?

‘'Well, we'll give everyone a few reps, a few snaps, just because it's live football. Everyone looks forward to it. But it's not going to be a real long deal …

Quarterback-wise, though …

‘'Quarterback-wise it will be (Richard) Brehaut, (Nick) Crissman and Darius (Bell).''

How is Darius progressing?

‘'Darius is doing fine. You know, there's just a lot to handle. He didn't have a spring ball. He's got to get it all settled down in his head, and if Darius were in the game we'd have to limit the package. Right now, we're just heaping it on the plate and telling him to keep eating, but eventually we've got to give him the Adkins diet and get him slimmed down so he can understand it.''

Is Kai Forbath OK?

‘'Yeah, he's just resting right now. Got kind if a little groin issue right now, but nothing serious. I think that it's fine to get Kip (Smith) acclimated and all that kind of stuff. He's like Kevin. He's so experienced, as long as we get him back with plenty of time we'll be right where we need to be.''

Are groin injuries with kickers a little concerning, though?

‘'You'd like everything to be perfect, right? But it just isn't. That's just the way life it. It is what it is. It gives us a chance to see what Kip can do and Kip is doing fantastic so far.''

Groin injuries with kickers this time of the year
are almost predictable …

‘'Yeah, they sit there and look, ‘How many days until game time? Yeah, a little tight.' I don't think he said (it was) tight when he was playing No. 14 the other day.''

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