Practice Notes, Neuheisel Comments

UCLA goes to a live scrimmage for the first time during fall camp in the second practice on Saturday. They were a few good runs from scrimmage, a freshman defensive player has a good day, and more...

Derrick Coleman broke off two nice runs at the start of period 9, the Bruins going live for the first time in camp. The first run went for 11 yards, the second for six yards. Then on the third play, quarterback Richard Brehaut made a bad check that resulted in a 5-yard loss and the offense sputtered to a halt.

''We ran that play in practice so I shouldn't have to change anything. The first scrimmage shouldn't be an excuse. I can't make that play at all,'' Brehaut said.

''It was a stretch right and I saw Rahim (Moore) coming down into the box, so I thought there was going to be too many people in the box to run that play so I checked to another one and the play I checked into, we can't even run out of that formation. So, honestly, it was my fault. It's all on me, definitely.''


Dietrich Riley had a solid scrimmage, picking off two passes. The first one came on a poorly thrown floater up the left sideline - Darius Bell was trying to hit Jerry Johnson. The second one was thrown by Brehaut - intended receiver unknown - and likely would have been taken back for a score.

Riley, again, got a lot of work with the No. 1 defense.

''I thought in fall camp I would be running with the 3s and all that stuff, so it was kind of shocking for them to throw me in with the 1s,'' Riley said. ''They want to see how I live up to that and I've responded quite well.''


Ricky Marvray has won a few match ups with freshman cornerback Anthony Jefferson in camp and had the biggest gainer of the afternoon scrimmage, a 27-yard gain. Marvray went high over Jefferson and came down with a pass from Nick Crissman.


The only score was on a 1-run yard by Jonathan Franklin, who picked up an errant snap by center Greg Capella and raced into the left corrner of the end zone.


The running game was not particularly effective. Not including a 10-yard sack by freshman Jordan Zumwalt, the offenses generated 23 yards on 13 rushing plays.

Rick Neuheisel's Comments:

Opening statement

‘'Outstanding. Some great things. Obviously, fans all love to see touchdowns and all that kind of stuff, but saw some great things and we also learned some things about where we are in terms of understanding … too many missed assignments offensively when you leave the field, so we've got a lot of work to do in preparation for the 21st, which will give us a chance to get out there. We'll have some more scrimmage opportunities in advance of that, but the goal for the 21st is to be much cleaner than we were today.''

How did you like the defense?

‘'I thought the defense did outstanding. I mean, they were flying around, making plays. You know, we're going to play fast. We have to play fast and if we do, we're going to be fine, and that's what we've recruited to do. We've got to be aggressive, and I thought we were. It's good for our offense to feel that a little bit, know what they've got to bring. These things are ebb and flow, as is my history.''

When you say cleaner, specifically …

‘'Just absolute missed assignments, missed checks, missed things that caused the play to just completely break down. You can't play the play if one guy is going right and everybody else is going left, because the guy who is going right is unblocked and he comes back and makes a play with a 4-yard loss and it makes everybody feel like we're all doing things poorly and that's not the case. But that's offensive football. It requires everybody to be on the same page. And it's also a great lesson for the coaches to know how good they're coaching. Are my guys doing what I'm telling them to do? If they're not, I have to look at myself in the mirror, too.''

Was it offense-wide, or is it something that was on the quarterback or the line …

‘'It was across the board. I can't point one finger. And that (first) drive started off unbelievably. There were two unbelievable runs and that's what we're trying to get better at. Then we made a poor check, took a loss, had a confusion on a protection, and things unraveled. But we have to battle back through that stuff. That's part of football. But give the credit to the defense for taking it in the nose and standing up and making good plays and stopping a drive.''

That's the way it's been with scrimmages for a couple of years now. Were you thinking that was going to be changing more at this point?

‘'You're putting a lot on this first thing and we don't have our starting quarterback in the game. I'm not going to worry about that. I think we're fine. I think we're right where we need to be. Time will tell. We'll know three weeks from now.''

Dietrich Riley, a couple of picks …

‘'Terrific, yeah. I'm happy for Dietrich. That's what we need. That's what we thought we would be getting from him. That's terrific. I don't like throwing interceptions, that's the only bad part about scrimmages. Every time someone does something really well, you've got to wonder what the other guy did.''

He is also one of those guys who is physically ready …

‘'Oh, yeah. I think he'll be in the mix, no question about it. That's why he was out there with the first team.''

First day of double days, did the team come back for the second practice the way you hoped?

‘'Yeah. I thought we got great effort today. The effort has been outstanding. What I asked the team at the end was, when they look at themselves in the mirror are they really putting everything into it to being mentally sharp, to knowing everything there is to know about their position, because as evidenced by guys going the wrong way when all of a sudden the lights went on, or the coaches left, we lost our minds. We've got to make sure the fog of war doesn't get us … doesn't get us.''

What about Ricky (Marvray)?

‘'Ricky is a football player. He loves to play, and as long as Ricky knows what he's doing and lines up correctly, he's going to be fabulous for us. He's earning a spot on the team, there's no question about it.''

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