Thursday Report, Neuheisel Comments

UCLA does some goal-line situations Thursday, and a starting offensive lineman gets taken off the field. Receiver Nelson Rosario has a good day, and Rick Neuheisel talks about getting some of the injured back to practice...

Opening statement

‘'I'm pleased with the effort today, flying around pads cracking, It's always nerve-wracking when you're in the 3rd-and-1s because of all the bodies on the ground. Just thankful everybody got up. But very pleased with the work, we'll get a lot from that as we study the tape. But another good practice. Oh, by the way, Anthony Jefferson, the clearinghouse issue is solved. He's been cleared and away we go.''

Darius Savage working with the 1s …

‘'Eddie (Williams) got his head hit. It's concussion-like symptoms. We're not sure it's a concussion. We hope it isn't. But we decided to take him out as a precautionary. So, Sav went with the 1s.''

He made a heck of a block there on Akeem (Ayers) …

‘'Sav is ready to play. Sav is down to 307 pounds or 310, something like that. At one point he was 350, so he has worked his tail off to get in as good of shape as you can. It's important to him. He's a senior. This is what college football is all about.''

A little less offensive flow than the last scrimmage?

‘'Well, there is no flow. It was all downs. It's one down, and did you get or didn't you? There were some good offensive plays, but I was pleased to see the defensive rise up and make a bunch of plays, too. Like I said, I'll know more when I look at the tape. It's hard to get flow when you're always moving the ball back to a spot.''

How has Glenn Love been?

‘'I think Glenn Love has been terrific. We're excited that we have him and that he's in position to be a quality player for us. I don't know that the position has been solved yet, between he and Sean Westgate. I know that we plan on Glenn Love playing a lot.''

Can you say anything about Brandon Willis?

‘'Only that we're recruiting him. You know, we're recruiting him. He's been released. That I know.''

Where is the offense right now?

‘'On schedule. You know, the one setback is that our quarterback is not healthy. Hopefully we get him back next week and we can put this chapter behind us. But there's no reason being upset about it. Our trainers are doing everything they can. It's just a muscle injury that has to take some time. Unfortunately, none of us are in the patience business. But we have to be. I think we're doing well. The next piece, now, will to be to call the offense. You know, rather than read it off scripts, because it's not been Norm's offense in terms of what we're doing. It'll be easier when he incorporates what we've always done. But, you know, mixing it into flow, that'll be the key.''

Is this an adjustment for you guys, too, as coaches?

‘'Yeah, but it's been fun. We'll put it back together with what we know, too.''

You should have Rahim (Moore) work with Norm. He seems to know every play that's coming …

‘'Defensive players are never uncertain. Not always right, but never uncertain.''

Are there going to be any situations where you're going to have the quarterback under center in these goal line, short-yardage situations?

‘'We were under center a couple of times. We were. And, again, we're going to have still our traditional offense. We're just devoting our time to learning what we're trying to do new and then seeing what makes sense for our first game. It's still up in the air as to what our game plan will be. We'll see.''

Any other injury news regarding the scrimmage?

‘'No, I think everybody else is fine.''

The guys not expected to go are still no go?

‘'Well, (Patrick) Larimore played today. That was fun to see and hopefully we'll get him a little bit on Saturday night. But I think everybody else … maybe Andy Keane will be back for Saturday night.''


Right guard Eddie Williams took a blow to the head and was removed about half-way through practice. Right now, he has concussion-like symptoms, not a concussion. That could change. With Williams out, Darius Savage went in at right guard with the No. 1 offense.


Kevin Prince didn't do much more on the field than he had the past few days. He did some individual work, then ran some running plays in team. He did throw one pass, rolling to his right, at about half speed.


Morrell Presley was back in practice after missing time with a concussion and still working with the ‘F' backs, and not at tight end.


Safety Stan McKay (concussion) also was back in practice.


Freshman defensive end Owamagbe Odighizuwa was back in practice after missing some time with a hip flexor issue, and got some reps during team.


When the Bruins went 11 on 11 for the first time, their first offensive play was nullified by a holding penalty and on the second play tight end Cory Harkey had a false start.


Darius Bell did not have his best day throwing the football. He was late with a couple of throws, missed open receivers a couple of times and had some floaters out of his hand.


Nelson Rosario made a nice catch against Aaron Hester in the deep corner of the end zone, then went tumbling backwards over some Gatorade coolers. Laying flat on his back, he held up the ball in both hands.


The live short-yard scrimmage didn't go particularly well for the offense. They were running 3rd-and-2s, 4th-and-1s. When they got into goal line situations, they were able to score only two touchdowns in six series. Jonathan Franklin had a nice run on the first play, but it was called back by a holding penalty. Franklin had one of the scores on a run against the No. 2 defense, eluding a tackle by safety Dalton Hilliard. The other score also was by the 2s, with Bell hitting Christian Ramirez to the left.


When the offense was going out from the goal line, it was able to generate a first down on only one of its six series. Derrick Coleman had both first downs in that one series, breaking off a couple of nice runs. Coleman has been much more consistent putting some oomph behind his runs in camp. ‘'He's actually running with his weight now,'' MIKE linebacker Steve Sloan said. ‘'He's looking good out there.''

There is not a lot of separation between Coleman and Jonathan Franklin at the moment, with freshman Malcolm Jones also in the mix. Freshman Jordon James remains out with a hamstring injury.


Richard Brehaut did hit Rosario for what would have been a big gain in that sequence going out from the goal line, but in a game Brehaut would have been on his back before he could let go of the ball. Sean Westgate broke through and would have had a sack.

Rosario had to leap over Sheldon Price to make that grab. Nice play.
Freshman safety Dietrich Riley had a couple of nice stops, one on Franklin with help from Andrew Abbott and another on Coleman.
Patrick Larimore was back on the practice field after missing some time with a hamstring strain. Steve Sloan was getting the reps with the No. 1 defense. Sloan likes where he is right now, making adjustments and getting the defense lined up correctly. ''I'm more of a smart player. I know where I have to be, when I have to be there,'' he said. ''I'm all about scouting reports and everything. I'm kind of like Christian Taylor was a few years back. That's how I describe myself.''
Hester got Rosario back during goal line, making a nice play to prevent a reception.

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