Prince on the Status of His Injury

UCLA's #1 quarterback, Kevin Prince, hasn't practiced for over a week due to an injury, and he talked to us Friday about his status for Saturday's scrimmage, and more...

Kevin Prince, who is out with a strained oblique, has been ruled out of the scrimmage on Saturday at Drake Stadium. Here are some comments, post practice ...

Heard you're feeling a little better this morning?

‘'Yeah, it's getting better. I mean, it's continuing to progress so that's a good sign. You know, throwing felt a little better today. We'll see how it is this afternoon. We're going to try to do basically the same thing we did today and then get some rest Saturday and Sunday and see how it is on Monday.''

If it were Sept. 4, could you play?

‘'Find a way, probably … find a way. Right now, we just don't want to aggravate it any more than is necessary. It's definitely closing in on the Kansas State game so I need to get back out as soon as possible, but, you know, we're not necessarily in a rush to get me back to re-aggravate it.''

When you throw, what does it feel like?

‘'Right now I'm just throwing straight ahead passes and I think the furthest we got was 20 or 25 yards. There's just a little … there are sharp pains in the side, in the side of my body here. When I release the ball, that's when I feel it and I'm not throwing necessarily as hard as I can right now, because we don't want to hurt it more than we have to or anything like that. It's bearable pain at this point, but we're not doing all the throws that I'm going to need to make.''

You haven't really cranked on a ball?

‘'I have. On Wednesday, we did a little bit. It didn't feel as bad as it did initially …

How did it feel Thursday, after that?

‘'Felt all right, felt pretty good.''

Have they come back and looked at it? Is it worse than they thought it was? The same diagnosis?

‘'Yeah. You know, it's like any muscle strain. It's just not as common as a pulled hamstring or something like that, but these things take time, so we're just trying to stay patient with it and continue to treat it every day.''

Is missing the scrimmage a big deal to you?

‘'During the grind of camp, it's nice to change things up and get a little scrimmage and get some people out there watching. At the same time, I mean, we still have got the scrimmage next Friday at the Rose Bowl. I'm more concerned about that because it's closer to the game. I definitely want to be out there, though. It would have been nice just to get back in a game-type atmosphere where coaches aren't around, you're just playing out there, making decisions and all that. Obviously, it's not going to be able to happen on Saturday, but I'm looking forward to next Friday going in the scrimmage at the Rose Bowl.''

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