Chow Talks About Scrimmage

Offensive Coordinator Norm Chow talked after the scrimmage about the offense's performance, the blow of Kai Maiava's injury, and a couple of freshman standouts...

Thoughts on what you saw today?

‘'Well, I'll have to go look at the tapes. It's unfortunate about Kai Maiava and that kind of set a tone for the rest of us. But I thought the kids played hard. We made a bunch of mistakes and we'll look at the tapes and we've got to get better.''

How bad do you think he's hurt?

‘'Oh, I think he's done. I think he's done for the season. I don't know for sure, but it was obvious there was something wrong.''

What do you do from here?

‘'Close ranks and keep marching. No one is feeling sorry for us. It's really unfortunate because he's really one of the leaders of our team and he's a smart guy, makes all of the calls. We'll probably move Ryan Taylor into center and get Eddie (Williams) back and we'll go from there.''

What are your thoughts on Chris Ward, the freshman?

‘'He's played well. I don't know what he played like today – I'll have to look at the tapes. But he's making good progress.''

Overall, what was your impression?

‘'Well, we'll see. I need to look at the tapes. Obviously, we threw the ball pretty well. I know we missed a bunch of checks that the balls would not have got off in a real game. It's unfortunate about Kai because he's one of our real leaders. We've just got to kind of figure what to do next and keep going.''

Have you got a verdict on him yet?

‘'No, but it obviously isn't very good. I mean, you can tell, right? It doesn't take much to tell that, and it's his ankle, We'll have to see.''

And you'll move Taylor back over?

‘'That's probably what we'll do. Ryan is our backup center and, you know, Eddie comes back and Darius (Savage) has played and once Mike Harris gets back from his suspension … you know, you need seven or eight guys. You just can't afford to keep dropping like this, so that put a little downer on it, but I thought the kids played hard, I thought Richard played well. He missed a couple of checks that he know she missed. You know, we just have to keep getting better.''

How important is it for Richard to kind of catch up?

‘'You can tell that you need him, right? We've got our threes ready to go. Our three didn't play. We're trying to find a three and the threes didn't play very well. So it's important to have guys. You know, this is a tough game. You gets guys beat up and hurt and you've just to find some guys who can play. I think the difference between a real good program and the program that we want to become is the depth, the depth of a team, because you're going to get injuries. This is a tough game to play.''

What did you think of Malcolm Jones today?

‘'I thought he did well. I thought he did real well. It's unfortunate because he go rolled over on a block toward the end of the game, but in a real game we would cut (block) the guy and we're not allowed to cut our own guys and our own guys just come barreling through when they know that we can't cut them. He would have got that done, and I thought he ran the ball well. I thought all the running backs ran the ball well. I thought we started out real slow, I don't know why, but it seemed like we were a little bit sluggish at the start. Maybe we were tired, our legs were tired, but we're going to get it back. We're going to give them the day off tomorrow, look at the tapes, cut down the two a days and get ready for Kansas State.''

Anthony Barr seems like a nice weapon …

‘'Yeah, he is a nice talent. We can use him in a lot of spots. We can get matchup problems with him. You know, Morrell Presley played well. Christian Ramirez played well. That's a position that we feel real good about.''

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