Monday Practice Notes and Quotes

Rick Neuheisel talked about his scouting of Kansas State, Offensive Coordinator Norm Chow discussed Kevin Prince and the scrimmage, and Kevin Prince talked about the status of his injury...

Rick Neuheisel's opening statement:

‘'Very pleased with the effort throughout two-a-days. It was just what we needed. We got better. We will go to one a day schedule starting tomorrow morning at 10:30 and then let the kids who are going to live off-campus this year move out of the dorms and then we'll be back into a one-a-day routine throughout the rest of the year. But, very pleased with how hard we worked, all that has gone into creating where we are right now and I believe we're in good shape. We've got to get lucky and not have any more catastrophic injuries and if we can do that we'll be fine. But I like everything about it right now.''

Sheldon Price?

‘'What about him?

It looked like he tweaked his hand there?

‘'I have no information …''

He left practice …

‘'Did he? Well, the good news is he can play in a cast. Let's hope he's OK.''

Actually, a cast might get him up to 180 (pounds) …

‘'Yeah, exactly.''

How about Rahim (Moore)?

‘'Rahim is nursing a little bit of a tight groin, just a little tight. We're just being precautionary.''

Does (Kai) Forbath still have his groin issues?

‘'Just precautionary now. He has a little bruise. It doesn't hurt him, but just making sure that it doesn't develop into something.''

How close are you to being ready for Kansas State?

‘'Let's see … 12 days. Yeah.''

How close are you on the offensive line to being an injury away from having problems?

‘'Well, I mean, you have to have what you do if this happens and if that happens. Obviously, the more that happens the less experienced we become, so we'd love it to be stopped. Hopefully, we're there.''

Have you started looking at Kansas State already?

‘'Oh, absolutely.''

What do you have on them?

‘'They wear purple ... They're a Bill Snyder coached team, which means they're fundamentally sound, they're going to play very good football and it's a home opener, they're going to be jazzed up. We have a game tape of them from a year ago and we'll try to glean as much as we can from that, but it's a first game of the year. We have to be ready for anything. They can have all kinds of things up their sleeve.''

When you were at Colorado, did you ever play there at this time of year?

‘'Never in September, it was always a later game of the year. As a matter of fact, my first year there we played the last game of the year, so it was cold that we were more worried about than heat. But it's supposed to warm up this week, hopefully, and we'll be out in the Rose Bowl which is a little warmer than where we are now and hopefully we'll get acclimated as well as possible.''

What did you see in the game film from last year that makes you optimistic?

‘'Well, we won. Hopefully we can win again, but, obviously, it's going to be a harder challenge being on the road, a new team, a lot of young players playing for the first time. But hopefully we can play our best and find a way to get a win, get off to a good start this year.''

Can you talk about Richard (Beheaut's) performance after watching the film?

‘'You know, I think Richard is doing terrifically. He isn't perfect yet, not error free, and you always judge quarterbacks hard, at least I do, I know Norm (Chow) does. But, you know, we've got to get him to keep growing, keep growing, keep learning why he does things as opposed to just congratulating him over some success. I want to know why he did it, so that it wasn't an accident. It was exactly what it was supposed to be. And as he keeps getting all these reps in Kevin's absence, he gets better and better.''


As Neuheisel said after the morning session, Eddie Williams was back in practice after missing a few days with a concussion and with the No. 1 offense at right guard.


The injury to Sheldon Price was a dislocation of the right index finger. He was injured reaching over Randall Carroll to knock a pass away during team.


Brehaut made some nice throws, but also had some poor plays that ended with interceptions. He threw one to Dalton Hilliard, one in the red zone to Sean Westgate and another on a deep ball by Tony Dye.


Kevin Prince did some individual work, but did not do any throwing.


Offensive lineman Stan Hasiak, who is redshirting this year, was in practice, going through the NCAA acclimatization process.


Snaps from center were an issue after Kai Maiava went down in the scrimmage, with Greg Capella and Kory Innes. But Ryan Taylor didn't have any problems in practice with them.


What are your thoughts on the scrimmage after watching the film?

‘'Lot of encouraging things. We threw the ball around well. We ran the ball halfway decently. It was very encouraging. The effort was there, after we all felt very bad obviously about Kai (Maiava). He's one of the real warriors that we have. But, you know, nothing you can do about it. Beyond that, we played pretty well.''

How did Malcolm Jones look?

‘'He did fine. They all did. You know, it's tough to read a scrum because he's playing against the seconds and other guys play against the first and vice versa. We're just looking for execution, making sure we do the right stuff, we're not looking for all the other stuff that other people are looking at.''

How did the line look today?

‘'A little ragged. We, you know, we were trying to do a couple of different things, trying to change cadence, trying to work on some stuff, and we were a little ragged, but that's to be expected. They're tired, they're dead tired. Today is the end of two-a-days and you certainly can understand that, and we'll bring their legs back and we're going to be a good football team.''

How much of that has to do with having to move so many guys around?

‘'It's what you do. You close ranks and keep marching. That's all you can do.''

Can you give me an assessment on how far Richard has advanced from Day One to now?

‘'He's done a great job, but he should because he gets a lot of reps, right? I mean, anybody who got as many reps as he did better be getting better. And he has. He's gotten better. He's kind of taken that opportunity and he's done a good job. … I think he's done a nice job. Like I said, he's gotten a ton of reps so he should be doing a nice job, you know? That's what reps do for somebody. Every good quarterback needs tons and tons of reps to see every different look. Every time you call a pass, that's three, four, five different coverages that you have to make sure you understand.''

Are you seeing less and less of repeated mistakes?

‘'Oh, yeah. We better. I mean, it's another two weeks and we've got to play. Now, you temper that by the fact of who we play. We'll see.''

How much time will Prince need?

‘'Prince is ready to go. Prince had a great summer. He's in shape. He's in all the meetings. He knows exactly what to do.''

So if he showed up in Manhattan on Friday and said it's fine he would go?

‘'Probably. Who knows? What a question that is …''

But does he need some practice time?

‘'Everybody does.''

But is it necessary for him?

‘'Everybody needs practice time. If he were to come out Friday we would probably have to play Brehaut.''

That's why I was asking, does he need time for you to feel comfortable?

‘'He needs time for him to feel comfortable. I'm very comfortable with Kevin Prince. He's an awfully good player. He's a leader. He knows his stuff. He's had a good summer. We'll see. But he'll be ready. If we had to play tomorrow he'd probably go.''

Have you looked at Kansas State yet and what do you see?

‘'Very good physical football team. They good football in the Big 12. But we're not worried about them, we're worried about us. They're somebody we've got to play. We have to worry about ourselves.''

What were the difficulties things they created for you last year?

‘'Just mismatches. They overwhelmed us at times. Schematically, they're not fancy. They just play hard, tough, hard-nosed football and we have to match that. And we'll look at more now that camp is over. The scouting report goes in Sunday, so we'll have a better idea then.''


You were saying that you guys were going to decide after lunch whether to do a little more throwing wise out here. Obviously, you decided not to. Any particular reason?

‘'Just didn't feel the need to. This is our last two-a-day, and they just didn't feel like I've been doing enough to go out and go two straight practices when I haven't been doing that much. So, we just decided to do some conditioning, because I haven't been doing that as much, and just kind oif rest up and get ready for tomorrow.''

Do you know how many full practices you would need to get your timing and things like that?

‘'I don't know if there's a number, but you need a few, yeah. Just to get back in the flow of the game, you know, obviously being able to participate in the scrimmage on Friday would help a great deal. But I think as long as I can get back in the next couple of days I should be fine.''

Were you sore at all after this morning?

‘'A little bit. Nothing unusual. Something to expect. I'm going to have to deal with some pain for a little while, but we're just trying to minimize that as much as we can.''

If there a plan for tomorrow, what you might do?

‘'I mean, we're going to try and build on what we did this morning. Hopefully, we start throwing some routes in individuals, maybe some 1 on 1s and stuff like that. I don't want to get too far ahead of myself, I have to talk to the trainers. But that's what I'm hopeful for.''

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