JR Prospect Josh Pinkard

Junior defensive back <b>Josh Pinkard</b> is one among a few potentially top prospects at Oxnard Hueneme in the class of 2004. Pinkard said he has some definite early leanings in his preference of colleges...

Josh Pinkard, 6-1, 180,  Oxnard (Calif.) Hueneme, is a prospect to watch in the class of 2004.  He has very good size, at a legit 6-1, and a good body, but also ran in the 4.5 range at the Los Angeles Nike Camp a year ago.


For Hueneme this year he was a standout at safety, getting a rep for having very good speed to the ball and a good hitting ability. Many feel he could be quick enough to play cornerback on the college level, and his size would be an added bonus.


And Pinkard isn't the only prospect at Hueneme. Not only does ex-Bruin and new Hueneme head coach Marcus Turner have Pinkard in his stable, there is also Charles Dillon, a 6-2, 180-pound safety and Deshion Inniss, a 5-10, 175-pound cornerback, both of whom are also considered to be potentially elite prospects, with Dillon appearing most often on the early recruiting lists.  All three of them run track for Hueneme, and all have run right around 11-second 100 meters or just under – as sophomores. 


Pinkard said he's hearing from many west coast schools, and most of the Pac-10.  Pinkard, though, said he wants to stay close to home. "I like it here and I'm comfortable here," Pinkard said.  So, when asked about what schools he prefers this early on, Pinkard said, "Since I'd like to stay close, I like the local schools. I like USC and UCLA."  He then elaborated a bit. "I've always been a UCLA fan.  I like USC, but I think I might have a better chance playing at safety at UCLA because of who USC has just brought in."


Outgoing Hueneme head coach Larry Miller said that Dillon has pretty much the same opinion as Pinkard – wanting to stay close to home, liking both UCLA and USC, with possibly a little lean toward UCLA. 


Both also will attend the Nike Camp April 6th, and have plans to attend UCLA's camps in June.


Miller said both are solid students, with GPAs around 3.0, while neither Pinkard nor Dillon have taken the SAT.

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