McClure Names His Top Two

Stefan McClure, the cornerback who is one of the elite prospects in the west, has 15 scholarship offers and pretty much could go to any school he wants to, but he says he has two leaders...

Stefan McClure, the 5-foot-11, 175 pound four-star cornerback/wide receiver from Vista, Calif., says he's narrowed down his 15 offers to Washington, UCLA, California, Oregon, Oregon State, Miami, Florida (no offer) and Colorado, with the Huskies and Bruins leading slightly.

"I've got it down to eight," McClure said. "I'm not sure about my top five yet. I can say that Washington and UCLA are will be there for sure.

"I'm not trying to narrow things down by any time set date now. I tried to have my top five down by the beginning of summer, but that didn't work out. I realized there's really no need for having a timeframe. Its just more pressure.

"I'm not sure about all five of my officials yet," he said. "I'll probably not take one to UCLA since it's so close to me and I've been there so many times already. I can't believe they lost to Kansas State. I thought they'd win for sure. I've seen them in practice and in inner-squad games and they looked really good. It's just the first game. They are a strong team who's good but will get better. I'll probably take another unofficial to see a game, I'm just not sure when."

McClure is set to take his first official visit to Washington on Sept. 11 for the Syracuse game. "I'm going on my first official next weekend up to Washington for the Syracuse game, "McClure said. "I can't wait. I'm really excited to get up there and see the campus and check out the area.

"Washington has been recruiting me the hardest," he added. "They were my first offer. I decided to take an official there because of my relationship with Coach (Demetrice) Martin (cornerbacks). I've gotten to know him pretty good. We've been talking since January at least once a week. He's straight with me, which I respect.

"Anytime someone commits, he calls to let me know. Like when (CB) Kameron Jackson committed, Coach Martin called just to give me a heads up that they just got this guy out of Long Beach Poly. He always makes sure I know what going on up there."

McClure said he is planning on taking officials to both California and Oregon but hasn't set dates. "I'm going to take an official visit to Cal," McClure said. "They have been recruiting me at wide receiver also. They are my only offense offer. I really like having an offer to play offense. I don't get many chances to be on that side of the ball and I'd love to do that.

"I'd love to go up there and check out the campus," he added. "They are building that new stadium which I really want to see. I'm going to take an official visit for sure, I just don't have an exact date yet.

"I'll probably take an official to Oregon," said's No. 6 cornerback. "I haven't been up there before, but I keep hearing about their facilities. They have a great track program too. The coaches are saying I might be able to do both football and track, which I'd love. They aren't recruiting me for track. I haven't talked to any of the coaches or anything.

McClure is also looking at Oregon State, Colorado, Miami and Florida for his two remaining official visits.

He admits being confused about the Gators. "I'm thinking about taking an official to Florida," he said. "I think you need an offer to take an official so I'm a little confused because I talked to Coach (Teryl) Austin (co-defensive coord, cornerbacks) today and he was saying how they want me to come out for an official and that how they were coming out here to meet me, but he didn't say anything about an offer and I didn't ask. I'd love an offer from Florida, who wouldn't. I'm not sure, but it sounds like it might be coming.

"I'm really interested in Oregon State and Colorado too," McClure said. "Oregon State would be a great place to play. I talked to Coach (Keith) Heyward (cornerbacks) and Coach (Reggie) Davis (running backs) the most there. Oregon State has a great defense. I like that they utilize man coverage a lot. I'm seriously thinking about taking an official to Corvallis, but I'm not 100% sure yet.

Although McClure admits being partial to the Pac-10, he hasn't ruled out going out-of-state. "I'm thinking of going to visit Colorado or Miami too," he said. "I have offers from both. Colorado is just a great place and I'd love to go see Boulder. Coach (Ashley) Ambrose (secondary) is a great guy and he played in the NFL for so long that he knows what it takes to get there. I know he'd be a great guy to play for.

"I like Miami a lot," said's No.6 ranked cornerback. "Miami is a great football school with a great tradition. Just to go out there for a visit would be worth the trip. I know they send a lot of guys to the NFL. I'd like to learn more about them.

"Right now, I'm leaning a little towards the Pac-10," McClure admits. "I grew up with the Pac-10 and if I could go to a school that has pretty much the same weather, the same time zone and that I feel comfortable with, that would be perfect. My little sister is really wants me to go to UCLA, but I still have to look around before I decide."

McClure reports a 3.12 GPA. and a 1250 SAT.

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