Bruins Watching Northwest Athlete

Vancouver (Wash.) Skyview receiver/cornerback Ellis Henderson is one of the more versatile players in the Northwest and UCLA is checking him out...

Ellis Henderson the 6-foot, 170-pound cornerback/athlete from Vancouver, Wash., feels he has flown under the recruiting radar due to injury. The three-star prospect in 100% again and schools are starting to take notice.

"I separated my shoulder last summer and played injured pretty much all last season," Henderson said. "I had surgery after the season was over and I think coaches are still a little wary about it. They don't know if I'm recovered or not. But after attending some camps (Oregon State) and playing my first game last Friday, I think they'll see that I'm 100% and I'll start getting more attention. I've actually started getting more calls since my game from Utah and Boise State.

"I have six offers still," Henderson said. "I know a lot of coaches are worried that I'm not fully recovered from my shoulder injury, but I think that's starting to change. Henderson says his current offers are from Air Force, Washington State, New Mexico State, Idaho, Montana State and Hawaii.'s No. 65 cornerback now favors Boise State, Hawaii (only offer from a favorite), Oregon, Washington, UCLA and Utah.

"I really like Hawaii," Henderson said. "I'm planning on taking an official there sometime in October. I've already been to the campus and really like the whole feel out there. They are recruiting me for athlete, but I just got a letter from the offensive coordinator (Nick Rolovich) telling me how much he wants me to play offense for him. I talk to Coach (Rich) Milano (associate head coach) and Coach (Chris) Tormey the most. I'm excited to take an official out there.

"In the past month, I've been getting a lot of attention from UCLA, Utah and Boise State which is really nice. UCLA is just recently started developing," he said. "I've started hearing from them and getting more and more email. I'm really interested in talking to them more and hopefully getting an offer.

"I'm interested in Utah also," Henderson added. "I just talked to them this week. They were the first ones to call me after my game on Friday, which was sort of cool. My dad and I are thinking about taking an unofficial over there and maybe Boise State too.

"I really like Boise State," he said. "I've been talking to them pretty regularly, mostly to the offensive coordinator, Coach (Bob) Gregory. He told me that they see me as an athlete right now and are looking at me to go more towards cornerback this season. They are waiting to see how I develop this season. I'm hoping to get an offer soon."

Oregon and Washington are also playing the waiting game with Henderson. "I'm really interested in Washington and Oregon, but I'm not going to take officials there since I've been to both schools quite a few times.

"Washington is one of my top picks," Henderson said. " I was talking to a lot of the coaches there, but they were sort of waiting to see if Kasen Williams (five-star Skyline WR) was going to commit. When he ending up committing to them, they weren't sure where'd I'd fit and dropped off recruiting me some.

"Oregon was one of the first schools that started talking to me," he said. "They've always been one of my top picks. I was talking to Coach (Steve) Greatwood (offensive line) the most, but I think they sort of got turned off because of my shoulder injury. Then they offered this five-star guy from Florida, so I thought it was pretty much over. But I've started hearing from them again. They are still unsure of my health, so they are talking about me walking on. I think once they see that I'm good, things will progress."

For Henderson, patience is the key. "I'm just focused right now on developing my skills and having a good season," he said. "We'll see what happens from there. I know my biggest strength is my speed and my biggest weakness is that I need to be more aggressive and physical. I'm working on bettering both."

Henderson benches 235-pounds, squats 385 and claims a 36" vertical jump. He reports a 4.45 forty.

He claims a 2.8 core GPA and a 950 SAT. He plans on retaking SAT later this year.

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