Three Is Still Company

Just about 13 hours earlier, UConn coach Paul Pasqualoni had hinted he might be ready to name one of his quarterbacks as the starter. But by Saturday afternoon, he was sticking to his three-man rotation, even after a second consecutive loss.

The grades are in and Connecticut coach Paul Pasqualoni has spoken.

But there's no change in the quarterback situation – at least that's what he said on the day after UConn's 24-20 loss to Iowa State.

If you heard Pasqualoni's tone after the game Friday night at Rentschler Field, he sounded like a man contemplating a change away from the three-man rotation of Johnny McEntee, Mike Nebrich and Scott McCummings. And it sounded as if he had a frontrunner in mind and just didn't want to reveal that.

"I'm going to grade the film and then we'll make a decision [Saturday] afternoon in regard to whether we keep going the way we're going or we select one," he said after the game. "But my sense is I want to grade the film before I say anything."

So, that was the first question Saturday when Pasqualoni spoke with the Connecticut media by conference call. The coach answered by saying it would be a decision the staff would make as the team gets ready to play at Buffalo on Sept. 24.

We've heard that before.

"We're just finishing up grading the film now," Pasqualoni said. "That's something we'll discuss as a staff and we'll make a decision on, as we go. Each of them did some good things. Each of them did some things that they absolutely have to do better. I think it's one more time where no one has clearly separated himself from the pack. We still have three and they all can execute better than they did."

When asked if the process of switching quarterbacks in midstream leads to choppy play and a lack of continuity, Pasqualoni said he didn't think it was any different from the first two games.

"Mike Nebrich was in there for a good long stretch," he said. "He had a chance to be in there and play the last part of the first quarter and the entire second quarter. And Scotty obviously was the most productive guy we had in there. His production, from a points standpoint, was good. We just can't miss a receiver that is as wide open as we missed. John McEntee had some good reads, he just didn't throw it as accurately as he usually does – which was disappointing."

And, so, we continue to wait. But with the Huskies 1-2, it's hard to view this as a winning formula.

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