SCORING RECAP: Western Michigan 38, UConn 31

A look at how the Broncos and Huskies scored in Western Michigan's 38-31 victory over UConn Saturday at Rentschler Field.



Western Michigan – Alex Carder 25-yard TD pass to Jordan White (John Potter kick), 11:15. DRIVE: 5 plays-66 yards-2:16. KEY PLAY: Carder 24-yard pass to White to the UConn 28.

WMU 7, UConn 0

WMU – Carder 7-yard TD pass to Dallas Walker (Potter kick), 6:31. DRIVE: 8 plays-68 yards-3:38. KEY PLAY: Carder 32-yard pass to Robert Arnheim to UConn 7.

WMU 14, UConn 0

UConn – Johnny McEntee 9-yard TD pass to Kashif Moore (Dave Teggart kick), 3:27. DRIVE: 6 plays-93 yards-3:04. KEY PLAY: Lyle McCombs 65-yard run to WMU 28.

WMU 14, UConn 7

WMU – Potter 39-yard field goal, 0:22. DRIVE: 11 plays-71 yards-3:05. KEY PLAYS: Personal foul on UConn's Sio Moore, 15 yards to WMU 23 and automatic first down. Carder 22-yard pass to White to UConn 32.

WMU 17, UConn 7


UConn – McEntee 3-yard TD pass to Kashif Moore (Teggart kick), 8:31. DRIVE: 5 plays-72 yards-2:24. KEY PLAY: McEntee 47-yard pass to Kashif Moore to WMU 3.

WMU 17, UConn 14

UConn – Teggart 43-yard field goal, 4:13. DRIVE: 4 plays-minus 4 yards-0:55. KEY PLAY: Sio Moore recovers muffed punt return by White at WMU 22.

WMU 17, UConn 17


UConn – McEntee 26-yard TD pass to McCombs, (Teggart kick), 12:40. DRIVE: 6 plays-72 yards-2:20. KEY PLAY: McEntee 9-yard pass to Tebucky Jones and personal foul on Lewis Toler moves ball to WMU 47.

UConn 24, WMU 17

WMU – Carder 6-yard TD pass to White, (Potter kick), 9:48. DRIVE: 9 plays-80 yards-2:52. KEY PLAY: Carder 26-yard pass to Chleb Ravenell to UConn 6.

UConn 24, WMU 24

WMU – Carder 14-yard TD pass to Ravenell, (Potter kick), 5:53. DRIVE: 7 plays-62 yards-2:19. KEY PLAY: Personal foul on UConn's Jerome Junior in the end zone that gave WMU first down on the 14.

WMU 31, UConn 24

UConn – McEntee 26-yard TD pass to Nick Williams, (Teggart kick), 2:03. DRIVE: 10 plays-80 yards-3:50. KEY PLAY: McEntee 21-yard pass to McCombs for a first down at the WMU 31.

WMU 31, UConn 31

WMU – Carder 41-yard TD pass to Ravenell, (Potter kick), 1:35. DRIVE: 2 plays-60 yards-0;28. KEY PLAY: Chad Christen's kickoff went out of bounds, giving the Broncos the ball at the WMU 40.

WMU 38, UConn 31

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