SCORING RECAP: W. Virginia 43, UConn 16

UConn kept things close until halftime but West Virginia scored 23 points in a span of 7 minutes, 35 seconds in the third quarter to pull away in the Big East opener for both teams.



West Virginia – Tyler Bitancurt 31-yard field goal, 7:43. DRIVE: 7 plays-61 yards-2:07. KEY PLAY: Geno Smith 44-yard pass to Ivan McCartney to UConn 18.

WVU 3, UConn 0

UConn – Dave Teggart 40-yard field goal, 3:23. DRIVE: 8 plays-48 yards-4:20. KEY PLAY: Johnny McEntee 17-yard pass to Mark Hinkley to WVU 35.

WVU 3, UConn 3


UConn – Teggart 53-yard field goal, 14:53. DRIVE: 3 plays-1 yard-1:44. KEY PLAY: Smith 7-pass to McCartney, Jory Johnson forces fumble, Ty-Meer Brown recovers at WVU 37.

UConn 6, WVU 3

WVU – Dustin Garrison 14-yard TD run (Bitancurt kick), 2:44. DRIVE: 7 plays-45 yards-2:19. KEY PLAYS: Smith 24-yard pass to Stedman Bailey to UConn 21; holding on UConn's Byron Jones to UConn 11.

WVU 10, UConn 6

UConn – Teggart 22-yard field goal, 0:00. DRIVE: 8 plays-53-yards-0:51. KEY PLAYS: McEntee 17-yard pass to Isiah Morre to the WVU 21; McEntee 12-yard rush to WVU 5.

WVU 10, UConn 9


WVU – Smith 12-yard TD pass to Tavon Austin (Bitancurt kick), 7:44. DRIVE: 2 plays-12 yards-:10. KEY PLAY: McEntee rushes to WVU 10, fumble forced by Pat Miller, Jewone Snow recovers and returns for 78 yards to UConn 12.

WVU 17, UConn 9

WVU – Smith 84-yard TD pass to Bailey (Bitancurt kick) 5:49. DRIVE: 1 play-84 yards-0:12. KEY PLAY: Smith to Bailey for 84 yards.

WVU 24, UConn 9

WVU – McEntee sacked by Bruce Irvin and Snow for loss of 9 and a safety, 2:31. UConn DRIVE: 2 plays, minus 6 yards, 0:54.

WV 26, UConn 9

WVU – Smith 22-yard TD pass to Brad Starks (Bitancurt kick) 0:08. DRIVE: 6 plays-50 yards-2:22. KEY PLAY: Dustin Garrison rush for 10 yards to UConn 25.

WVU 33, UConn 9


WVU – Bitancurt 33-yard field goal, 10:52. DRIVE: 9 plays-34 yards-3:13. KEY PLAY: Cole Wagner's 18-yard punt, downed at the 50.

WVU 36, UConn 9

WVU – Smith 27-yard TD pass to Bailey (Bitancurt kick), 8:51. DRIVE: 3 plays-81 yards-0:59. KEY PLAY: Smith 51-yard pass to McCartney to UConn 30.

WVU 43, UConn 9

UConn – Paul Millard pass intercepted by Ty-Meer Brown, returned 48 yards for TD (Teggart kick), 7:54. WVU DRIVE: 1 plays-0 yards-0:11. KEY PLAY: Brown's interception.

WVU 43, UConn 16

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