SCORING RECAP: UConn 28, Syracuse 21

Connecticut scored four touchdowns Saturday in a victory over Syracuse. Big deal? No not really. But here's a news flash for you: All four TDs were offensive. That's the best point production by the offense since that 38-31 loss to Western Michigan back on Oct. 1 when Johnny McEntee threw four TD passes.

After five turnovers in the first half, the offense settled in after halftime and scored 21 points. Those three TDs came on the ground. Lyle McCombs ran one in from 3 yards out and reserve quarterback Scott McCummings made use of his package of plays to score twice – on runs of 10 and 7 yards.

Here's how the big win came together for the Huskies.



UConn – Johnny McEntee 10-yard pass to John Delahunt (Dave Teggart kick), 13:38. DRIVE: 3 plays-33 yards-1:22. KEY PLAYS: Nick Williams 61-yard kickoff return to Syracuse 33; McEntee 18-yard pass to Isiah Moore to Syracuse 15.

UConn 7, Syracuse 0


Syracuse – Ryan Nassib 20-yard pass to Alec Lemon (Ross Krautman kick), 1:48. DRIVE: 4 plays-40 yards-1:26. KEY PLAY: Dorian Graham 18-yard run to UConn 20.

UConn 7, Syracuse 7


Syracuse – Nassib 6-yard pass to Nick Provo (Krautman kick), 10:31. DRIVE: 10 plays-75 yards-4:29. KEY PLAY: Nassib 21-yard pass to Lemon to UConn 6.

Syracuse 14, UConn 7

UConn – Lyle McCombs 3-yard run (Teggart kick), 5:52. DRIVE: 9 plays-60 yards-4:39. KEY PLAYS: McCombs 17-yard run to Syracuse 43; McEntee 13-yard pass to Ryan Griffin for first down to Syracuse 4.

Syracuse 14, UConn 14

Syracuse – Graham 7-yard run (Krautman kick), 2:42. DRIVE: 7 plays-76 yards-3:10. KEY PLAY: Nasib 23-yard pass to Lemon for first down to UConn 7.

Syracuse 21, UConn 14


UConn – Scott McCummings 10-yard run (Teggart kick), 14:17. DRIVE: 7 plays-55 yards-3:25. KEY PLAY: McEntee 19-yard pass to Isiah Moore for first down to Syracuse 36.

Syracuse 21, UConn 21

UConn – McCummings 7-yard run (Teggart kick), 4:51. DRIVE: 8 plays-62 yards-4:14. KEY PLAY: Sio Moore's interception of Nassib pass at UConn 38; McEntee 18-yard pass to Isiah Moore for first down to Syracuse 43; McCombs 14-yard run to Syracuse 10 plus face mask on Phillip Thomas for first down to Syracuse 10.

UConn 28, Syracuse 21

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