Break Down: Kyle Kempt

Oregon State has accepted the commitment of Kyle Kempt, as the Massillon (OH) quarterback pledged to the Beavers on his official visit Saturday evening. What are the Beavers getting with Kempt?

PROFILE: Kyle Kempt

POSITION: Quarterback

SCHOOL: Massillon, Ohio

SIZE: 6-foot-5, 205-pounds

RANKING: Three-star prospect

RECRUITING: Committed to Oregon State

WHAT IS THERE TO LIKE? First off, Kempt's size (6-foot-5) enables him to stand tall in the pocket and survey the field. He is the prototypical Pro-Style pocket passer, and he has the ability to deliver an accurate ball that is easy to catch. Kempt is not gun shy in the pocket, and he will deliver the football under a rush. He keeps his eyes downfield, and has the ability to go through his reads and find the right receiver. Kempt gets rid of the football quickly, and has received excellent coaching at Massillon High School, where he has played against the top competition in the state of Ohio on a weekly basis. With over 30 starts under his belt, Kempt is on the way to being a developed quarterback and should flourish in the Oregon State system.

WHAT ARE THE CONCERNS? There would be two main concerns with Kempt, and both can be worked on and improved. First off, Kempt is not the most mobile quarterback in the pocket and he will need to improve his overall athleticism and foot speed. He does have the ability to side-step the rush in the pocket, and buy himself more time, but he is not a threat to tuck the ball down and run for positive yardage. At 6-foot-5, 205-pounds, Kempt will need to add weight and bulk, especially in his upper body, and that should occur in the Oregon State weight room.

WHAT ARE THE INTANGIBLES? Kempt is the number-one ranked student academically in the senior class at Massillon, carrying over a 4.0 GPA. That intelligence carries over to the field, where he had the freedom to change plays at the line of scrimmage. The Massillon coaches also rave about Kempt's work ethic and leadership abilities, and neither trait can be taught at the next level. He would probably benefit from a redshirt year, which would give him time in the weight room and in the film room learning the Beaver system.

WHAT ABOUT THE NUMBERS? While the yardage gained in his three years as a starter is impressive, yardage totals can be deceiving at the high school level. What isn't deceiving is the fact that Kempt threw for 62 touchdowns in his career, compared to only 18 interceptions. Protecting the football is yet another strength he possesses, and that will serve him well at Oregon State.

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