Will UCONN Step Up For NYC Guard?

Will the Connecticut basketball program take a more serious look at a New York City guard?

It shouldn't come as a surprise to any AAU basketball fan that the New York Gauchos are likely to have another successful summer come July. Last year it was the guard play that propelled the Gauchos to several major AAU championships.

This season, the guard play again is solid. And Jessie Sapp, a 6-foot-3 guard from New York City, is a big reason why the Gauchos will likely compete for some more summer AAU titles.

Sapp was outstanding in the two days that the Insiders Report watched him in action. He showed a tremendous ability to ring up points in a very tight timeframe.

But what was equally more impressive about Sapp was his improved court vision and leadership skills. Sapp looked like he could handle the point guard slot for the Gauchos.

Of course, Sapp was needed to handle many minutes at the lead guard slot since Xaverian High School star Levance Fields sat out most of the event due to a bad ankle. So Sapp had to play many of the minutes at that particular position due to Fields being sidelined.

The tournament is likely to elevate Sapp's stock. St. John's, Georgia Tech, Connecticut, Pittsburgh, Arkansas, Maryland, Virginia Tech, Miami, Ohio State, Stanford, and Marshall are high on Jessie's list. Sapp did not list a favorite nor when he would be ready to make a decision. The big question for Connecticut fans is whether the staff will push up their interest in Jessie, who wasn't as impressive as a two-guard last week playing at Basketball City.

But if Sapp continues to show he can handle either backcourt position, the Connecticut program may, like others on his list, intensify the interest in his skills. If Fields plays the whole event, Sapp may not have had the chance to play as many minutes in the leadership point guard role. Jessie seemed very confident and very capable of handling that tough role. This can only help Sapp with the schools that are currently recruiting him.

It's likely the month of July will determine whether Sapp is offered by the Connecticut program. He will play in several high profile events also during the month of June. So you can expect more coverage on this site regarding his status and how he performs on the court.

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