Could He Play Two Sports For UCONN?

Could the forward from New Rochelle play two sports on the college level?

While New Rochelle forward Geoffrey McDermott continues to impress those who watch him upclose with his basketball skills, one must wonder whether this young man can handle playing two sports on the college level. The 2005 class member has already convinced some low to mid major schools that he might be able to play division one basketball.

McDermott, an active 6-foot-5, 215-pound forward from New Rochelle High School in New Rochelle, New York, is a hard-working, blue-collar type of player that may not catch your eye at first but impresses you as the game moves along. He has been described before as a garbageman-type who contributes to a team in a couple of different ways. But there are many other positive aspects of his game. McDermott will constantly battle you on the glass and has the ability to get off his feet quickly.

McDermott also likes to get floor burns. On the floor after loose balls all the time, McDermott gives you the kind of inspiration that will never show up in a boxscore. The key word for McDermott -- "active."

The question for McDermott is whether he plays basketball or football or perhaps try both. Previously, Brian Towey reported on this site that McDermott is a quarterback for the New Rochelle High School team.

The mid-majors and some low majors have been recruiting McDermott for basketball. Rider, Vermont, and Hofstra have all shown some serious interest. On the football side, Connecticut, Syracuse, and Virginia all like him.

McDermott has said he is interested in playing perhaps both sports. The summer will certainly be the measuring stick for the basketball side for McDermott. McDermott averaged 15 points, eight rebounds, and six assists playing mutiple positions at New Rochelle this past season. We will keep you posted on how he performs also this fall as a quarterback for the New Rochelle team.

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