Williams: I Like Coach Calhoun

Connecticut target Marcus Williams discusses his latest list of schools

Marcus Williams, an all-around 6-6, 190-pound SG/SF from Seattle (WA) Roosevelt HS, has been the barometer for the success of his Seattle Rotary Select AAU squad this spring and summer. With his offensive prowess, he has helped the team become one of the best in the country thus far.

"It's been going really good," said Williams. "I've been working really hard on my game, and it's paid off. I'm getting stronger and I'm playing with a bunch of confidence. I'm trying to prove that I'm one of the best, and I think that's what I'm doing."

Williams certainly showed that he was one of the best at this past weekend's Rose City Showcase in Portland. Whether it was canning the long-range three, creating off the dribble, or finishing with a flush, Williams did it all on the offensive end for Rotary Select. Often times, he was simply unstoppable on the floor and did it all playing in an incredibly smooth and efficient manner.

"I'm trying to be the most versatile player that I can be," said Williams. "So I try to play everything and show that there's not just one way to stop me." Despite his success, he continues to work hard on every aspect of his game. "Everything needs improvement - you can never stop improving," he said.

Many high-major schools are chasing Williams's services. Although he's not anywhere close to having any leaders right now much less making a choice, he does hope to have things sealed by November.

"I'm trying to make my decision in the fall," said Williams. One of the main factors in Williams' decision will be the interaction he has with the head coach. "I've been talking to coaches trying to get to know them and get a feel who I can connect with more on a personal level because I want a really good relationship with my coach," he said.

Williams is very much wide-open with his list. "I don't really have any favorites - I'm looking at a lot of schools," said Williams, who named off Florida, Connecticut, Texas, NC State, Arizona, Washington and Gonzaga as some of the many schools that are in the hunt. NC State, Washington, Gonzaga have offered. We asked Williams to comment on some of the schools on his list.

On Connecticut: "I really like them. They said that they may have some players leaving early for the NBA so there's a spot for me to come in and make an immediate impact and that's what I want to do. I like Coach Calhoun. He might be a tough coach, but I think that might be good for me."

On Arizona: "Obviously, they're one of the premier guard programs. They get all their threes and two-guards to the league, and that's my main goal, so I think that's a great opportunity for me."

On Florida: "I really like them - they're fast paced. I like to get up and down and I've always been on a high-scoring team. That's what I do, I like to put the ball in the hole."

On North Carolina State: "I really like them too. Julius Hodge - I'm not going to say that I'm the exact same kind of player, but I consider myself to be in the same category as being versatile, and they really exploited him and really showed off what he can do. And he got ACC Player of the Year and that's a huge honor. The way they play, it's like Florida, so it would give me the opportunity to show what I can do."

On Washington: "I really have a good relationship with Coach Romar. It's the hometown school and that's really a big plus for them. I go to campus quite a bit and sit down and talk to them. But I kind of, a little bit, want to get away from home, so I'm not sure. I mean, it's a great place, but they are looking at other people and we've kind of communicated to each other that they want to sign people early and I'm kind of waiting, so it might not end up working out. But it's a good program."

Official visits will help Williams enormously in his decision. He originally felt that he might need all five of his allowed visits, but isn't quite sure anymore.

"That's a lot of visits," said Williams. "I thought at the beginning that it wasn't, but not that I've realized that there will be ten days of pressuring to sign and all that, I think that I might not (take all five). If I need to and I feel that confident about five schools, then I will, but it will probably be around three or four."

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