More Big East Interest For 2006 Target

Is Paul Harris a player Connecticut will recruit hard for the 2006 recruiting campaign?

It's obviously early when discussing which players Connecticut will recruit for the 2006 campaign since the staff is primarily focusing on this year's class. But Paul Harris, who helped his Niagara Falls team advance into the AND1 quarterfinals this past weekend, has been making enough noise to warrant some attention his way.

Harris, a 6-foot-4, 220-pound combo guard/forward from Niagara Falls, New York, continued to illustrate on the court why he should be considered one of the best prospects in the 2006 class. Harris competed with his high school team this past weekend at the AND1 tournament held at Seton Hall University. Harris was given the task of trying to contain Brandon Costner of Seton Hall Prep. Costner, a 6-foot-8 forward, plays mainly in the low post area for Seton Hall Prep. Harris stopped Costner's game for the entire first half, limiting him to just five points. Costner did finish with 17 points. Costner is also being recruited hard by the Connecticut staff.

Harris, who recorded 14 points and 10 rebounds, also dished out six assists. He had one incredible crossover dribble that left a Seton Hall Prep player searching for his defender in Harris. Paul stated he has an offer from Big East school Pittsburgh. "I have been hearing from Syracuse now," he said. "I am still open. I don't have a leader. It's early for me."

The Orange have to recruit Harris since he is termed as "being in the Syracuse area." Connecticut has a little less pressure on them in how they proceed with Harris. Plus, Connecticut has to probably wait and see who is on the roster after this season concludes. In other words, the staff likely has to take a wait and see approach with Harris.

St. Bonaventure, and Ohio University were also mentioned by Harris. Ohio University has made an offer too to Harris. It's not surprising Pittsburgh has made an offer. They have had success with players in the past that fit Harris' frame and style. There really isn't no one who wants to win more or play harder than Paul Harris.

Harris is expected to travel with the Albany City Rocks this upcoming summer. It's likely the Connecticut staff will take a look at him at times during the summer since the Rocks will be at quite a few big name tournaments, including one in Las Vegas.

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