Caracter Has Below Average Tournament

Derrick Caracter should be an attractive prospect for coaches in the 2006 class

Though he has mentioned interest in the University of Connecticut in the past, one should question whether Derrick Caracter would even like to play college basketball. After all, many basketball scouts have him pegged as one of some high school players that will try the June 2006 NBA draft when given the opportunity.

But Caracter has more pressing issues than whether he will either play college ball or play in the League out of high school. Derrick needs to straighten out a few areas of this game -- mainly the motivation area.

No one has ever doubted the ability and upside of big man Caracter, a 6-foot-9, 285-pound forward from Scotch Plains-Fanwood High School in New Jersey. Caracter possesses a sweet, soft touch from the outside and when he demonstrates some anger on the court, he can be ruthless to opponents inside the paint.

But the event this past weekend in Colorado Springs, Colorado was a below average tournament for Derrick. Caracter averaged 7 points a game and 3.8 rebounds. He saved his best for his last game of the event on Sunday. Caracter scored 17 points in his final match and also grabbed six rebounds.

At times, it looked like Caracter was going through the motions on the court (until his last game). Derrick will need to get in better shape too if he is to stay up with the better players in his 2006 class.

Many colleges certainly would take the plunge with Caracter and offer him a scholarship. There is so much upside and potential in his game that he is worth a chance. Derrick can be a major impact player on the college level if he focuses more on his game.

The key word here is "work." Will Caracter "work" at his game and increase his desire to be the best player with his abilities? Only Derrick knows right now.

Caracter has mentioned many schools in the past -- including Connecticut, Duke, Michigan, Stanford, and Miami. Derrick has stated he has no leader in his recruiting process. There's a world of talent here. Many basketball fans are just waiting to see some of it on a more consistent basis.

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