UCONN Target Costner Competes At USA Festival

Brandon Costner showed basketball fans a bit of his versatility

One of the top targets in the 2005 class for the Connecticut basketball program is Brandon Costner, a 6-foot-8 combo forward from Seton Hall Prep in New Jersey. Costner had an extremely tough decision to make this weekend -- to keep a prior commitment to USA basketball or to leave early and play with his high school team at the AND1 tournament. He chose to stay with his prior commitment.

While his high school team did advance but lose at the AND1 tournament, Costner gave basketball fans this weekend in Colorado Springs, Colorado a glimpse of his versatility as a player.

Costner has the unique ability to play two different roles for his high school and his AAU team. Costner, who competes for Seton Hall Prep on the high school level, also plays for Jimmy Salmon's Playaz Gold team at AAU tournaments.

Costner mainly plays the inside forward/center for Seton Hall Prep while shooting some jumpers along the perimeter for Salmon's team. In either case, Costner seems very effective.

Costner averaged almost nine points a game and two rebounds per contest at the USA Festival. And these averages are a little misleading since Costner did not play many minutes in one of the five games played.

Brandon spent much of his time playing like he does for Salmon's AAU team --- along the perimeter. Costner was one of the more effective players from beyond the three-point line -- hitting seven of 14 shots.

Brandon is a very attractive prospect since he could be a three to four year college player. Add in the versatility factor and Costner can be a major impact player someday for a college. It's no surprise he has many high offers.

Costner has a big list of schools that he hopes to narrow down soon. Costner, who has already visited North Carolina State and Connecticut unofficially and UCLA officially, is interested in Connecticut, Seton Hall, North Carolina State, Indiana, Michigan, Kansas, St. Joe's, Georgia Tech, and Villanova.

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