Costner Discusses His Final List

Brandon Costner talks in detail about each of his final schools

LOS ANGELES -- Brandon Costner scored 13 points on Friday evening to help the Playaz Gold reach the semis of the Best of the Summer Tournament here at Loyola Marymount, and the skilled 6-7 power forward from Seton Hall Prep in New Jersey said that he hasn't given the recruiting process much thought since the start of the summer evaluation period.

Costner said that his list remains essentially unchanged from last month at the USA Youth Development Festival in Colorado Springs. He's still considering the same eight programs, many of whom were spotted eyeballing Costner during the Playaz' 78-71 quarterfinal round victory over the Illinois Fire.

Herb Sendek and Louis Orr were among the head coaches seen watching Costner on Friday night.

"Right now, I've just been focusing on playing hard, and as soon as the summer is over, I am going to take a vacation down in Florida, have some time to think and then go from there," Costner said.

Costner said that he will take the vacation in late August after playing in the Five-Star Honesdale II Camp in Pennsylvania. "Right now, I am just going to go home and start lifting," he said.

When asked to cite his list, Costner said that he is actively considering Indiana, Michigan, Georgia Tech, North Carolina State, Kansas, Connecticut, Seton Hall and UCLA.

He said that he hasn't discussed any dates for official visits yet, and he plans on waiting until the fall to go through the official visit process before making any major decisions.

"I am going to do everything in the fall after my trip to Florida," he said. "If somebody else takes my scholarship, then the school probably didn't want me that bad. Or I can try to find another school to go to, because they are all good schools."

We asked Costner to comment on each of the finalists on his list:

Kansas: "I like the situation, and they're telling me that I am going to replace Wayne Simien, and one of my friends, Mario Chalmers, is going there."

Indiana: "I love Coach Davis and I think he's a good coach."

Michigan: "I like Coach Amaker and their style of play."

Georgia Tech: "Coach Hewitt is like Jimmy [Salmon's] best friend. I like their style of play also."

N.C. State: "I think their style of play fits me the best. I like Coach Sendek and I have already taken an unofficial visit down there."

UConn: "Coach Calhoun, the success of the team and how many NBA players that they have produced over the years."

Seton Hall: "Coach Orr and the whole coaching staff and Jamar Nutter [ex-Seton Hall Prep teammate] is there. I am always over there."

UCLA: "I am on the West Coast, all of the history of UCLA, I like Coach Howland, he coached another Seton Hall Prep kid in Brandin Knight. So I hear good things."

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