Bynum Makes A Decision

Andrew Bynum has made his decision

Sources tell the Insiders Report that Andrew Bynum, the outstanding center from St. Joe's in New Jersey, has made his decision. Bynum will officially announce between Georgia Tech, North Carolina, and Connecticut tomorrow night at a press conference (6:30 PM ET). Unless something dramatic happens over the next 24 hours, Bynum will play in the Big East Conference. Sources tell the Insiders Report that Bynum will announce for the University of Connecticut.

Of course, there is still time before the press conference before Bynum makes it official. But the odds swung in favor of the National Champions to land this very talented big man who played this past summer for the New Jersey All Stars.

Bynum has tremendous amount of potential and is likely to one day be a lottery pick in a future NBA draft. He can gobble up rebounds around the basket and send it home in one motion.

As his offensive game progresses, he will become an even more effective offensive player.

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