In-depth Reports from Combines kicked off its 12-stop All-American Combine tour in mid-April. Three events have been held to date: Durham, N.C., Jacksonville, Fla. and Champaign, Ill. Big East Recruiting Analyst <B>Bob Lichtenfels</B> has issued in-depth reports on offensive and defensive linemen from each group. Check this story for links to each report.

Bob kicks off each report, which he's designated "In The Trenches," with the following preamble:

    "I personally get the chance to coach the offensive and defensive linemen at each combine. After each combine I'll present my personal evaluation of what we saw "In the Trenches", this will focus on the big boys. The people who do not get the press, but they are responsible for a large amount of a team's success."

No known prospective UConn linemen have been evaluated to date. This exposure could change that. The next events will be held in Auburn, Ala. on Saturday, April 30, in Starkville, Miss. on Sunday May 1 and the "Elite College Combine" in N.J. on Wednesday, May 4th.

Here are Bob's evaluations:

The final six combines are scheduled for Tampa, Fla. (5/7), Los Angeles, Calif. (5/14), Berkeley, Calif. (5/15), New Orleans, La. (5/21), Waco, Texas (5/22), Akron, Ohio (5/28).

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