Dyson Has a Favorite

With a ton of ACC and Big East powers knocking on his door, the recruitment process has been anything but dull for 6-4 guard Jerome Dyson. College scholarship offers have come as often as 30-point games for Proctor Academy's scoring machine. Dyson wants to commit by the fall and as a result he's whittled his large list of schools down to a manageable final four. UConn, Maryland, Boston College, and Providence remain but the Huskies are a step above the rest right now.

Dyson made his first visit (unofficially) to Storrs in mid-August and came away impressed with the campus and the basketball facilities.


"It's kind of like my campus right now. It was nice. Real nice," said Dyson. "I was amazed by all the things they had in there."


As a result, the Washington, D.C. native may not schedule a single visit to the other schools on his list.


"I don't know, we'll have to see what happens because right now I'm leaning towards Connecticut," Dyson proclaimed.


The prolific scorer wasn't able to show his stuff to the current Husky team in his initial trip to Storrs but will return to the Nutmeg State at least two more times in the month of September. The 6-4 guard will take another unofficial visit to UConn Thursday, September 1st.


"I'm trying to get up for the 1st, for the football game and I'm hoping I can get in the gym and play with them (the current Husky team)."


Dyson returns on September 17th for his official visit and a commitment to Calhoun and the Huskies would not be out of the question.


"Maybe, it's possible," Dyson confessed.


But how do the Huskies feel about Jerome? Since the staff cannot publicly comment on recruits we'll have to refer to the old adage, "actions speak louder than words" to find the answer. Back in late July as the recruiting period was coming to a close Jerome Dyson was the recipient of a special visit from UConn Head Coach Jim Calhoun. The Huskies head honcho flew across country to see Dyson workout in Philadelphia after spending the previous day in Seattle watching 6-11 Spencer Hawes. It's safe to assume Dyson is a prime target for the Huskies.


"I was really amazed that he did that. It really shows me that he's interested," said Dyson.  When asked if he feels like a priority for the Huskies, Jerome answered "Yes I do."


There's plenty of reasons any coach would go to great lengths to add Jerome to their program – 49 of them to be exact. That's the most points put up by Jerome in a high school game. He averaged over 30 points a game as a junior and led Proctor to the quarterfinals of the New England Prep School Athletic Council Class B tournament. Dyson made a remarkable 64 percent of his field goal attempts in 2004-2005 and was deadly from long range (55 percent 3-pt FG). But Jerome is not just a shooter, he's a scorer who simply finds ways to put the ball in the basket.


Although the Andover, New Hampshire high school star is the 8th ranked shooting guard in the class of 2006 according to scout.com, he's being recruited as a point guard by the UConn staff which is just fine with him.


"I can shoot the ball very well. I can get to the basket and they're bringing me in there as a point guard."


It may surprise some that the combo guard is being recruited to run the show in Storrs but he's done it effectively for two years at Proctor. As far as the pace of the game goes, the faster the better -- another factor that makes him a perfect fit for UConn's up tempo style.

While his scoring prowess is well-documented, he also possesses the court vision needed to excel at the next level. As a junior, Jerome averaged five assists a game for Proctor Head Coach Gregor Mackechnie.


"I like to pass. Coming up I didn't have the guys around me that could get the job done but I know I'd have that at UConn," Dyson stated. 


Jerome also knows he'd have a good chance of realizing his dreams someday if he were to put on a Husky uniform. Like so many other top prospects, Dyson also has NBA aspirations and believes Calhoun just might be the coach to help him reach his lofty goals. 


"Coach Calhoun has put a lot of kids into the NBA and he's getting inducted into the Hall of Fame so I know he's a great coach."


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