Campus Happenings

Sometimes the best intentions fall a bit short. I made the 25 minute trek to Gampel this afternoon hoping to catch the men scrimmage, but I arrived a tad late.

They had just finished their pickup games. I did catch many of them shooting around working on some individual drills.

Thanks to some long time Husky fans, John and Donnie, who split their time between Connecticut and Florida, I got a little inside skinny on Mr. Robinson. They were very impressed with Stanley, who ran the floor well for a kid his size (6-9, 212), mixed it up with the current players and hit a number of midrange jumpers.

The best quote came from Ed Nelson, who like Taliek Brown and every other player in the gym stopped by to say hello to John and Donnie. When asked how Robinson looked, Ed told us he was very impressed with the young recruit, saying, "He's a one or two gunner!"

I interpreted that he's an outstanding talent and likely one or two year player before jumping to the NBA. Now maybe I got that wrong, but it was clear that Ed thought highly of Robinson!

Although I missed the game action, I did get to see Garrison, Austrie, Williams, Hilton, and a handful others working on their jump-shot.

One player who surprised me with a consistent J beyond the arc was Hilton Armstrong. Hilton showed a nice quick release with solid form, yielding very good results even from NBA range. We've heard over the past year or so that NBA scouts have been keeping an eye on Hilton, and I'm beginning to see why.

Now I don't know if Coach Calhoun will be awfully excited to see Hilton hoist a 3 or two during a game, but who knows? Maybe he'll convince his coach that he's good for one or two a game. With increased playing time that he's sure to earn this fall due to Charlie Villanueva's departure and Bynum's change of heart, it will finally be Hilton's chance to show his coach and the rest of us what he's got!

I can't wait!

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