Press Conference Recap - Wiggins to UConn

After a brief introduction by Coach Anthony Menard, Doug had these words to say, "It was a lot of thinking but I came to the decision of me attending UConn and becoming a Husky."


One of the factors in Wiggin's decision was he wanted to be part of a winning program.


When asked about the controversy surrounding his decision, Wiggins said he was surprised by all the controversy and thought people would simply accept his decision.  He said that the St. John's coaching staff was upset by his decision but that it was his decision and he had to do what was best for him. 


Coach Menard said that they were on the phone with the St. John's coaches for a great deal of time on Friday, and also talked with them on Saturday and Sunday.  He said Doug, who was under a lot of pressure, didn't duck any of their questions but simply made the decision that was best for him.   


Wiggins said that his doubts about attending St. John's began toward the end of the summer, and that he would have opened up his recruitment regardless of what happened with Ramar Smith.  But when Smith's offer was rescinded, Doug saw an opportunity to attend what he called his dream school.  He said it was that simple!  Doug plans to sign with UConn next Wednesday.


Doug described his game as fast-paced, up-tempo.  He said he's a scorer, which his teammates admitted was his role at East Hartford.  When asked what it would take to earn playing time next fall competing against four or five other guards, he replied, "A lot of hard work and dedication. I'm ready.  Practice is going to be very competitive." 


The two areas that he said he needs to work on over the next twelve months are his strength and the consistency on his jumpshot.  When asked a similar question, Coach Menard said that the two areas he'd like to see his star point guard improve are his leadership and strength.  He said that Doug weighed just 122 pounds in 9th grade but now weighs 160.  Consistency with his three-point shot was another area.  Menard said, "The jump he made from grade 10 to grade 11 was the biggest jump I've ever seen a high school player make.  It's a tribute to his work ethic and his desire to succeed."


The thing that stood out most about Doug Wiggins had nothing to do with what he does on the court.  When I asked his coach, teammates and the athletic director to tell me about Doug they all told how good a person he  is. Sounds like a welcome addition to UConn's 2006 recruiting class.

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