Wiggins, Menard Set the Record Straight

There has been much speculation as to what took place between Doug Wiggins' prior commitment to St. John's University and his sudden change of heart and subsequent commitment to UConn.

Understandably, Coach Menard did not want the press conference to turn into a UConn or Wiggins' defense as to what took place during the past 7 days, but there was no avoiding it. It became clear that he felt they, meaning he and Doug, as well as UConn handled the situation in a fair and forthright manner. One thing Menard made very clear was that it was all Doug's decision and that his loyalty was to his player.

"But in the end I represent Dougie Wiggins. My loyalty is not to St. John's, it's not to the University of Connecticut," said Menard. "It's what's in the best interest for Dougie Wiggins. This is what he wanted. And as soon as he made up his mind and said to me this is what he wanted then we were going forward with it."

Once it became clear that Doug's decision was solid, their first priority was to clear up things with St. John's since they had been so good to both he and Doug. Menard said, "There was nothing St. John's could have done more…It just came down to what was best for his future. He felt UConn was best for his future."

When asked about the sequence of events pertaining to their contact with both UConn and St. John's, Menard answered, "Once Dougie made up his mind we made back to back phone calls, one to St. John's and one to the University of Connecticut. I don't remember in what order it was made but we made them immediately." He persuaded Doug to sleep on his decision, which he did. Friday, the next morning, Menard picked Doug up to work out and he told his coach he wanted to go forward with the decision he made the day before. When Menard and Wiggins finally contacted UConn they were told that they had to clear things up with St. John's before pursuing things with their program, and that's what they did. They were confident that UConn would offer him a scholarship but there were no guarantees.

On Tuesday they had a 90 minute conversation with Coach Calhoun and his coaching staff who made it clear at that point they wanted Wiggins and saw him as a big part of their program in the future. Thursday morning, Doug made it official and accepted UConn's offer.

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