Robinson, Graves - Weekend Update

It was a big weekend for UConn as far as official visitors go. Some of the biggest names on the board were due in and has caught up with Greg Robinson and Shamar Graves for the latest news.

Greg Robinson a 6-foot-3, 205 pound linebacker recruit from Scotland, Pa., had a nice time on his official visit to Connecticut, but he is not ready to make a commitment at his time.

"It was a good visit. It was really nice," Robinson explained. "I did not commit. I was coming down to just see how it all was."

"It was a really nice campus. It is kind of like a small community or town in itself."

"The coaching staff was real nice. I had met Coach Edsall [Randy] before and he is a good guy. I had met all of the other staff on previous occasions. They did not guarantee me that I would get early playing time, but they said that if I come in and work hard then I would definitely have some opportunities."

"Dan Davis was my host on the visit and he was really cool."

Robinson is down to two schools, and he could be closing in on a decision.

"I am down to Virginia and UConn. I am going to sit down with my family and go over everything with them. I do not think I will wait until signing day, and when I find out I will call everyone and let them know what I decided."

Three-star prospect Shamar Graves did not make it in for his official visit to UConn this weekend.

"I had to cancel my visit with UConn," Graves said. "I am going to stay with Rutgers.

"The day before I was supposed to visit I had a sit down with my mom, my brother, my youth pastor and my coach and I decided that Rutgers was the best fit for me. I had already taken an un-official visit to UConn, and I just did not feel like I needed to go again."

At 6-foot-4, 210 pounds Graves played both ways for Woodbridge (N.J.), and he is looking forward to getting on the field as soon as possible for Rutgers.

"Rutgers provides me a great opportunity academically as well as athletically. I really feel like we could be a BCS contender next year, and that is the goal that the team has set for themselves and it is a goal that I feel that I can help them accomplish."

"At Rutgers it was just a great environment. The athletic environment was tremendous. I am from New Jersey, and that is my home state school. It is close to my family and it is just Jersey," Graves said.

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