Greg Robinson Still Torn

Linebacker recruit Greg Robinson from Scotland, PA has what is called a high quality problem. He loves both of his top school choices. Playing football at Virginia or Connecticut would be just fine with him.

"Right now, (both) schools really don't have negatives," Robinson said. "I'm just trying to see where I would fit in better."

The linebacker went to visit the Connecticut campus this past weekend, and was impressed.

"It was real nice," Robinson said. "The campus is nice. The coaches told me where I would fit in on the defense, and talked about the new facilities and everything they are getting."

So was it enough to push him over-the-top, and commit to Connecticut?

"Not really, they both are still even," he said.

One of the reasons Greg Robinson keeps going back and forth is because both schools are so similar: He would play weak-side linebacker at both places; neither school has promised him an opportunity to play right away; and both are about the same distance from his home city of Scotland, PA, outside of Chambersburg.

"Connecticut is five hours drive away," Robinson said. "And, Virginia is a little less, so really there is no difference."

Robinson said he will make his decision soon, and it will be his decision only.

"(My family) doesn't care where I go," Robinson said. "They want me to go where ever I'll be happy."

So now a decision has to be made, and although Robinson has a high quality problem, that doesn't mean the decision is easy.

"That's the thing right now," he said. "I can't have a bad choice. Both are good academic schools, and both are up and coming athletic programs. I have to sort it out."

Robinson said he hoped to make his decision before National Letter of Intent day on Feb. 1.

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