Lindsey Witten Opts for UConn

Lindsey Witten a 6-foot-5, 210-pound, defensive end prospect from Glenville HS in Cleveland, Ohio, gave a verbal commitment to Toledo early on in the recruiting process, but he ultimately decided that Connecticut offered him the best opportunities on the field and off.

"I committed to Toledo in October, but after a lot of thinking I have decided that UConn offers me the best opportunity," Witten explained.

"The campus was really nice and the academic support was outstanding. The players were all about the academics and it was almost like you were an outcast if you did not get your work done in the classroom."

Glenville HS is known for churning out a lot of football talent year in and year out and Coach Ted Ginn, who also coached the East squad in the Army All-American Bowl Game this year, has made a definite impact on Witten's life.

"I really appreciate everything that Coach Ginn has done for me. He has not only taught me a lot about football, but he taught me a lot about life as well. He took me from being a young man and he has turned me into a mature adult. There are not enough words to describe what Coach does for all of his players."

Witten also looked up to his older brother Donte Whitner, who after having a successful career at Ohio State will move on to the NFL in this years' draft.

"I just grew up watching him. Donte is more quick to listen, than he is to speak. He sits back listens to what people have to say and figures out what is the best way to handle things for him. The way he handles things has taught me a lot, and it is great to have someone around that has already been through some of the same processes."

Witten chose Connecticut over offers from Syracuse, Toledo, Akron, and Indiana.

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