Huskies Have Jeffers Blanketed

There is no hesitation in Georgia recruit Terence Jeffers voice when you ask him where he's going to school next fall. The wide receiver is headed to Connecticut, and he couldn't be happier about it.

"My mom made me a little blanket with the UConn colors on it," Terence Jeffers said. "She spent months working on it."

There's no turning back once your mom makes you a blanket, but even before the blanket was finished, there was never a doubt in this senior's mind. Some thought Jeffers, whose recruiting stock has been rising lately, may opt to go to a more prominent football school if the opportunity came. "I'm pretty set at UConn," he said. "When it came down to it, the only thing that mattered was a scholarship. A lot of people were calling and not making offers."

And UConn did, so he committed early. Some say too early, but he doesn't think it was a bad move.

"It probably stopped (other schools) from coming after me because I'm pretty set at UConn, but if (a top school) really wanted me, they would still make the offer."

At this point, Jeffers said even if a school such as Ohio State -who showed some interest in Jeffers- did make a late offer, the Berkmar High School senior would decline.

"There is a loyalty there," he said. "UConn has been honest this whole time. There hasn't been any beating around the bush. There was no ‘we're waiting to see if we're going to get this linebacker and fill a position we need.' UConn wanted me from the beginning."

So now that the recruiting part is over, Jeffers' only goal is to get on the field for the Huskies. Coaches told Jeffers the opportunity to play is there, but it depends on him. He said he plans on working on his speed and explosiveness to go with his already developed frame. Jeffers is 6-feet-2-inches, and 195 pounds.

"Size wise I look to be the best receiver they've got, and I'm not even there yet."

He will be soon.

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