Cullen's Commitment a Chip Shot for UConn

Kentucky kicking recruit Desi Cullen plans on bringing an attitude to go along with his leg when he heads to UConn next season. "I'm pumped up," Cullen said. "I told (the coaches) I was going to be the hardest working kicker they've ever had."

Desi Cullen brings the triple-threat: kickoffs, field-goals and punts. That quality is something special teams coaches love to see in a recruit.

He is probably strongest at kickoffs. The high school football kickoff line is five yards closer than the college line, but Cullen has still done some pretty impressive things. He knocked four kickoffs through the uprights during the season, and only had three returned for yardage his entire senior year.

"That was only because I ‘pooched' (the kicks) on purpose," he said defensively. "I meant to do it."

Cullen is also an impressive punter, averaging 43 yards per kick this year. During his best game he punted seven times for an average of 49 yards.

So what gives? How does a guy who kicks it through the End Zone every kickoff and average over 40 yards a punt not get offers from most schools in the country?

"I don't know," Cullen said. "Actually I guess you could say I flew under the radar. That's the perfect way to put it,"

Well, now Cullen has a chip on his shoulder. He is working with a local kicking coach on his technique and lifting to improve the already impressive strength in his leg. Cullen said he is eager to report early during the summer to start getting in some work with the UConn coaching staff.

"They said they want me to come in and compete and work hard," Cullen said. "I want to go in there, and get an opportunity."

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