Jarvis Hicks Still Set for UConn

Florida recruit Jarvis Hicks announced Monday he is still going to UConn. The safety committed to play for the Huskies for the 2005 season last February, but did not meet NCAA academic requirements. Unable to play in college, Hicks opted to attend the Salisbury School for Boys in Connecticut for a year.

"It's basically getting me ready academically," Jarvis Hicks said. "I took my SAT's this (past) Saturday and felt real good about them. I found the math part easy."

Hicks said Connecticut running backs coach, and former Syracuse University running back, Terry Richardson came to visit him recently at Salisbury. Hicks also said he visited the UConn campus just a few weeks ago. So Connecticut is still the place for him.

Last year was a different story though, Hicks said. He didn't put enough care into his studies in order to pass the NCAA requirements.

"I made my academic problems myself," he said. "I think it was me not being focused enough."

Prep school allowed him to gain the focus he needed.

"It was frustrating at first when I got up here," Hicks said. "Just being an all-boys school and being a long way from home, but it allowed me to really focus on academics, and in the long it will be good for me."

Not only did it prepare him in the classroom, but also gave him a chance to improve his football prowess, especially in the weight room.

"I didn't really lift weights in high school (in Florida)," Hicks said. "I lift every day (now), and take the weekends off. My bench press is 250 (pounds)."

Hicks has not gotten his scores back yet on the SAT's, but said he is positive he will be eligible for next season. Although he played both running back and safety in high school, he said will only play safety for the Huskies.

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