Robert Vaughn - "UConn is Where I'm Wanted"

Vaughn loved UConn because UConn loved him. It was that simple for the strong-safety from Massachusetts. "They are the team that recruited me the hardest," Vaughn said. "They offered me first way back in May. It's somewhere where I'm wanted."

Robert Vaughn, whose hometown is only an hour from the Connecticut campus, said the UConn coaches did everything from home visits to text messages to let him know they cared about him, and wanted him to play for the Huskies.

"I felt like they were honest," Vaughn said. "They were themselves. They were the nicest people."

Vaughn said he has had a lot of contact with head coach Randy Edsall, and has come to admire the man and what he is about: being straight-forward.

"(He) can't make me any promises (about playing time)," Vaughn said. "But he said, ‘I'm gonna tell you right now, you can play if you want to play, it's up to you.' "

Common sense says Vaughn would have to play at some point; he is the only strong-safety in UConn's entire recruiting class.

"That was another plus," he said. "They explained to me how I'm their number one guy in that position. Out of everybody, I'm the one they offered."

Besides the on-the-field incentive to come play for UConn, Vaughn said Connecticut's program matched his personality.

"I'm not the type of kid where I'm going to go there and get in trouble," he said. "I'm going to try my hardest all the time.

"I'm going to be around people that are willing to work everyday, and try and get whatever we're competing for. I'm just excited to go somewhere where the team is really a team."

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