Robert McClain Does It All

Connecticut recruit Robert McClain can't use the excuse that his college position is too loaded for him to get playing time as freshman, because frankly, he doesn't have one. "I can play wide receiver, running back, cornerback, and return kicks," McClain said. "I consider myself a good athlete."

Sure seems like it. McClain's position at UConn has not been determined, but coaches have told him they are going to try him a running back first, and move him to cornerback if there isn't any room on offense.

Although McClain said he personally prefers defense, he's excited at the thought of playing running back. His friend, and current UConn senior, Terry Cully, told him he wants to run behind the Huskies' offensive line.

"I wouldn't mind getting a little taste of (running back)," McClain said. "(Cully) told me the offensive line, they are real young and a lot of the freshman got playing time … They will be a veteran line by the time I get to run behind them."

One thing is for sure, he will be playing on kickoff. McClain nearly tied the national record for kickoff returns for touchdowns in a season with five. It would have been six, he said, but:

"(The refs) called one back on me because they said I stepped out of bounds."

The senior, who runs a 4.4 forty-yard dash, also returned a punt 98-yards for a touchdown during the season.

McClain said he thinks if he plays well on special teams, where he feels most comfortable, it will help him make the adjustment to playing running back at the division one level.

"I believe I'll start right away at kick return," he said. "If I get used to that, I know running back will come naturally."

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