Wiggins Dominating for East Hartford

When most people think of a dominating high school player, the first thought that comes to their minds is someone who is bigger and stronger than everyone else: the raw athlete whose skills need to be developed and tweaked. Connecticut recruit Doug Wiggins is not bigger and stronger than everyone, but he does dominate.

"Really good players in high school are men among boys physically," said Anthony Menard, Doug Wiggins coach at East Hartford High School. "(Wiggins) is a man among boys because of his skill and athleticism."

Wiggins averages 30 points, 7 assists and 4 steals per game for East Hartford. Menard said those numbers could be even higher, but Wiggins is triple-teamed in many games.

"We (recently) played the twelfth ranked team in the state," Menard said. "And, he scored 47 on them."

Perhaps the most amazing thing: he does all this at 6-feet, 0-inches and 170 pounds. It's his advanced athleticism and scoring ability that make Wiggins stand out.

"He's highly skilled," Menard said. "He can hit the stand-still shot. He can get to the hole and is very slippery with the ball. He can also stop to the dime and pull up, not many kids can do that at any level.

"(Wiggins) usually gets two or three dunks per game and a lot of those are over other players. He's as athletic as any guard you will see on any level."

All that being said, Menard does acknowledge his best player has some work to do before getting to UConn.

"It's UConn," Menard said. "He's going to the #1 ranked team in the country where they bring in NBA players off of the bench and although he's stronger than he looks, he still only weighs 170 pounds."

Menard said he thinks once Wiggins gets on campus and gets into UConn's weight program he will gain the weight he needs to, and he also said he thinks Wiggins will compete for time his freshman year.

"I've known the kid since he was 13. He's very driven," Menard said. "He's good enough to be on the floor and wants the challenge of competing for playing time."

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