Ben Eaves; Long Distance Traveler

Ben Eaves traveled a much longer distance than most recruits to play basketball at Worcester Academy in Massachusetts. He came from England. This summer he will make another move, Eaves is heading to UConn to play for the Huskies next season.

"It should be good," Eaves said. "On television I see (Connecticut) doing well and getting the #1 spot in the country. I see it as exciting."

Ben Eaves said he originally wanted to come over to the United States to become known so he could get an offer from a big-time division-one school. Now that UConn has made that a reality, Eaves is concentrating on making the transition to American basketball.

"A lot of guys in England are looking to come to the states," Eaves said. "The talent level is much better over here because it's a much more developed sport. There is a much larger participation base."

Not only is talent level different, Eaves said, but America has a very unique style of play.

"The pace of the game is different," Eaves said. "There is up and down in England, but it's even faster paced here. It's more about the athletes."

The 6-foot-7, 210 pound forward known for his athleticism admits the change in location has resulted in a learning curve. Under Eaves leadership, Worcester has struggled this season. The Hilltoppers stand at 10-8, and will need to make a real push to make the playoffs.

Eaves said he needs to improve his game before he gets to the Huskies, and the challenges he has faced so far in the United States have helped him to do that.

"I try and improve a little bit everyday," Eaves said. "I think obviously back home I was able to use my athleticism to get to the basket, now people are stepping in the way. It has helped me to improve my pull-up and mid-range game."

Eaves said the biggest skill he has gained is an ability to react to how the defense is playing him, and although he not happy with his game, he is happy to have the opportunity to improve before he gets to UConn.

"I'm far from where I want to be right now," Eaves said. "I've never been a pessimist. I just see so much room I have to improve.

"I will never sit here and say I'm happy with the way I'm playing. There is always something more I can be. I always want to look forward. (UConn is) a great opportunity. I have to put myself in position where I'm prepared for what's in store."

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