Huskies Scrimmage

STORRS --- If you're charting the quarterbacks in their four-way fight to become UConn's starting quarterback, this is how they rank through nine practices this spring: 1. D.J. Hernandez; 2. Matt Bonislawski; 3. Billy Cundiff; 4. Dennis Brown.

These ratings are completely unofficial and unsanctioned by the UConn coaching staff. Coach Randy Edsall hasn't named Hernandez the starter any more than he has stated that Brown has the furthest to go to reach the top.

But that's the way they stack up, based on personal observation and the opinions Edsall has been willing to share.

"He's made a lot of progress," Edsall said of Hernandez, a sophomore, after the first full scrimmage of the spring Saturday at Memorial Stadium. "He didn't play as well today as he would've hoped or I would've hoped. I thought he threw some good balls and did some good things, but I think he was a little too rushed sometimes. But I think he's progressed really well. He's throwing the ball better than he did last year. Today he just needed to settle down a little bit more than he did."

Bonislawski was perfect during his time on the field. Unfortunately for him, he only left the sidelines to serve as Matt Nuzie's holder on field goals and extra points. Bonislawski was feeling slightly ill, Edsall said, so the coach decided to give the senior a rest.

Cundiff's touch on a touchdown pass of about 30 yards to Robert Theoudele hinted at the redshirt freshman's skill. But his decisions on some other passes, plus a busted play or two, belied Cundiff's inexperience.

"The toughest part for me right now is, when the defense is blitzing, knowing when and what to call," said Cundiff, who admitted he was nervous at the start of his first true scrimmage at UConn.

Brown, a sophomore, worked almost exclusively with the second team and did little to distinguish himself on a day when none of the quarterbacks were brilliant.

"A little bit sloppy," Edsall said. "The first major scrimmage of the spring, sometimes that happens."

Among other developments, senior tight end Dan Murray rolled an ankle during the week and did not practice Saturday. He is expected back by next weekend, Edsall said. … Junior Donta Moore is making a strong run at classmates Justin DeRubertis and Ricky McCollum at the "Husky" linebacker spot. … Freshman Martin Bedard earned praise from Edsall for his long-snapping prowess on a day when snaps were flying and bouncing in all directions. Rob Lunn and Brian Kersmanc are other long-snapper possibilities

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