UConn Battling Heavyweights for Tony Logan

Piscataway (N.J.) athlete Tony Logan (5-10.5, 175, 4.4) from Township High School said he has 15 offers. He denies a leader but said his top five schools are Tennessee, Maryland, Purdue, Notre Dame and Connecticut. All have offered.

"I've mostly played quarterback all my life. I prefer it slightly because I like throwing the ball more than catching it. But I am also heavily being recruited for wide receiver on offense and cornerback on defense," Logan said.

"My strength is leadership on the field and my ability to play all three positions. I'll probably decide which position I am going to play by the end of my football season depending on which college I commit to. Then I will know the mechanics and weaknesses I need to work on the most to master that particular position.

"Tennessee is recruiting me for defensive back. The assistant running backs coach, Kurt Roper, doesn't give me any BS--he's straightforward. I've known some coaches for a long time and I can tell that Roper's the real thing. I plan to take my official visit to Tennessee when they play LSU or Florida because this will be the last year they play LSU and Florida is one of their big rivals so I would like to see the atmosphere," Logan said.

"I visited Maryland's camp today. They are recruiting me as a quarterback. The atmosphere there is total college football town. Everybody loves the team.

"Purdue wants me as a wide receiver. Their recruiting coordinator came out to my school to personally recruit me. He wants me to try to get out there as early as possible to visit," Logan said.

"Notre Dame is recruiting me for defensive back. I'd like to visit but its tough dealing with airfare. Charlie Weis used to coach at Franklin High School almost a decade ago, which is right around the corner from my house. He's talked to my dad and me and Coach Weis are pretty close.

"Connecticut is the only other school in my top five, besides Maryland, that's recruiting me as a quarterback. The campus is closest to home and they are rebuilding their program. Connecticut may not be a powerhouse, but they are starting to become stronger," Logan said.

"The first school to offer me was Rutgers, so I'll be going to their camp next week.

"I plan to do track along with football in college on the same scholarship, but I'm not being recruited for track right now because I had an injury in the beginning of the season. I run 100s and 200s mostly. My best times are: 10.6 in the 100, 21.6 in the 200 and 49.9 in the 400," he said.

Logan bench presses 270, squats 450 and reports a vertical jump of 42". He transferred high schools mid-season. For his last five games, Logan threw for 1,500 yards with ten touchdowns and rushed for 500 yards and five rushing scores.

He reports a 3.0 core GPA and is not revealing his test scores.

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