Interest Picking Up for Chris Hart

After a junior season that was cut short by a cyst in his knee, Chris Hart's recruitment was a little slow to get started, but now that he is recovered, he's seen interest from the regional powers begin to pick up. While the younger brother of Michigan's Mike Hart is relatively open right now, three schools have begun to distance themselves from the field.

The cyst that hampered Chris Hart during his junior season was removed earlier this past spring and schools might be waiting to see how he performs in the first few games this year before offering. The 6-foot, 180-pound running back from Onondaga High feels strong and he's anxious to show that he's all the way back.

"My knee is back to 100-percent right now," Hart said. "The surgery itself wasn't a big deal or anything – it was actually just preventative. I've been playing basketball for a while now and it's been absolutely fine."

Hart had a chance to visit three schools that are the most heavily involved in recruiting him this summer and he spoke about each of the three.

"I had been to Michigan State with my brother when they recruited him, but I wanted to take a trip there on my own to see it again. I mean, MSU is MSU, so it's all good. They've got good facilities and it's just an awesome place to be."

"The facilities at Connecticut are going to be ridiculous. It's crazy there, plasma TVs all over the place, a new weight room – there's just not reason to not to be successful there with all they offer."

"Syracuse is right in my backyard, so I've been there many, many times. The new staff is trying to turn things around right now and I think they can, but I want to make sure I go to a school that wins, so I'll be watching them closely this season."

Hart, the Nedrow, N.Y. native, is also receiving heavy interest from Michigan, Boston College, Central Florida, Northwestern and Vanderbilt.

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