Big East Conference Call - Randy Edsall

UConn defeated Army this past Saturday 21-7 to snap a two-game losing streak. On Monday, UConn head coach took part in the weekly Big East conference call and spoke about the Huskies' performance.

On the win over Army:


Anytime you win it's good, we were happy with the win we had over Army, we played well defensively but we probably gave up too many yards in the 4th quarter.  We played well in the fourth quarter, our return and kicking game was good, Larry Taylor made a big play.  This week, we certainly have our hands full with West Virginia this Friday night.



On the QB


Matt has come in and really managed the games very well for us. He's only had 1 turnover in 3 games. He brings a fifth year presence to our offense. We just need him to come in there and be more accurate.


On the backup


DJ is a competitor and anytime he didn't perform as well as he would like and we would like.  He knows he's one play away from playing and he has to be ready and to play better than he did before.


On the mid point


We have to be more consistent offensively; we're not as consistent as I'd like us to be. Defensively, we've given up too many big plays.  Our punting has been good and so has our placekicking.


On his approach


I do what's best for our program. I don't think I set a standard. We did not choose to express that out in the open. People may read into more than it is, I just do what's best for our program.


The Kicking Game


They have the leg, they've proven it before. I think if they can just focus and block everything out, they'll be fine.


On Terry Caulley


He's a leader, he's a hard worker. He's a young man of great character; we envisioned this, for him to have a great year for us.  We did envision this and it's a relief to see him bounce back from this injury.


On Friday night games


I don't like Friday night games. I know we have to do it because of the TV and the money, but we have to do it. We miss class and were under so much scrutiny as it is and we go ahead and play on a Friday night. They're missing more classes but television is dictating that they're missing games.



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