Beyond the Boxscore - Albany

Has there ever been a 30 point blow out that seemed a lot closer than the one last night! Give Albany credit for battling hard to the very end, but give the Husky's all the credit for providing some highlight worthy plays and the 31 point (86-55) victory.

What this game had that the prior four lacked, were the quantity of Top-10 worthy plays.  How about this list of ten top plays from last night?


With just over eight minutes to go in the game, Gavin Edwards came out of nowhere to block a Jamar Wilson breakaway layup.  Wilson pick-pocketed Craig Austrie (5 turnovers) and had raced the length of the floor to complete what seemed to be an uncontested basket when Edwards, who never gave up on the play, caught up to him and blocked the shot, pinning it against the glass.


After picking up his sixth and final steal of the evening, Doug Wiggins left the other nine players far behind him as he threw down a vicious one-hander at the far end of the court, putting an exclamation on the rout.


Just shy of three minutes into the second half, Jerome Dyson converted one of his two steals into a transition dunk that brought the crowd to their feet, stretching the lead to 53-36.


With just over a minute and a half to go in the first half, Gavin Edwards threw down a nasty two-hander off of a tough catch in traffic and dump-down pass from Thabeet.  It was the first of two dunks by Gavin and the second of two assists by the Thabeet.  It was the combination of these two post players that made the play highlight worthy.


Again, Hasheem Thabeet found himself on the giving end of another Top-10 play, this time off a steal from Jamar Wilson (8 turnovers) who had a tough night.  After getting control of the ball, Thabeet tossed the outlet to Marcus Johnson who exploded from the pack and threw down a high flying one-hander, the second of his two dunks.


During a minute and a half stretch at about the midpoint of the first half, Gavin Edwards scored seven straight points on two jumpshots, a layup and a free-throw.  Although not flashy, it was one of the most dominant offensive stretches by any Husky this season.


Mr. Edwards again finds himself in this Top-10 when he knocked down a jumper just inside the three point arc about a half minute prior to the second of his two dunks, which turned out to be the final field goal of his evening.  This writer couldn't help but quickly see what type of reaction this shot elicited from his head coach Jim Calhoun, but there was no Hilton Armstrong, what do you think you're doing, reaction to be seen.  Now if this shot came in the first half when the game appeared to be still in doubt, the reaction might have been gravely different, especially if it had not gone in.  Maybe we'll see a lot more of these types of shots from the young 6-9 Husky!


Either one of Jeff Adrien's two, in-traffic, jumpers are worthy of this list.  One of the two took place just inside the foul line as he rose above the collapsing Great Danes' defense with those long arms of his.


Although not a top-10 play so to speak, it would be a crimeyes bad pun intended…to leave off the six steals that Doug Wiggins tallied throughout the evening.  In addition to the six thefts, rumor has it he left the court with some loose change as well!


Rounding off our Top-10 is A.J. Price knocking down a three-pointer with just over three minutes to go in the game.  Now one might think this is not worthy for this list, but it turned out to be the only three the Huskies made all night.  As strange as this sounds, this writer had hoped they had gone without one, making this 31 point win, or whatever the final spread would have been, a rarity in this day and age where a team can win without making a single three point shot.  I guess I'll have to settle for the fact that A.J. ruined it for me.





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