Big East Title Goals

After an impressive career carrying the ball for North Attleboro High, Anthony Sherman will lead the way for ball carriers at his new home in Connecticut. Sherman took an official visit to Storrs in December and shared his thoughts on the experience.

"I took my official visit in early December and really had a great time," Sherman said. "It was nice to meet the actual players I'll be playing with at Connecticut and learning about the rest of the staff. I really like Coach (Mike) Foley, but it was definitely cool getting a feel for everyone else I'll be learning from."

"I got a tour of the facilities on Saturday and they have got to be one of the best in the nation," Sherman exclaimed. "My mom and dad made the trip with me, so we all got a chance to sit down with some academic advisers and professors to talk about my future and interests. My parents love it there and feel like it's far enough away for me to have the college experience, but close enough where they can come and visit me."

At 6-foot, 225-pounds, Anthony Sherman will have some growing to do to flourish at the fullback position, but by the sounds of his visit that may not be much of an issue.

"We ate steak and lobster, which was nice," Sherman said. "When I thought about Connecticut it just came down to being competitive for me. I want to stay close to home and play at a high level, so it's either Boston College or Connecticut. I feel like Connecticut is an up and coming program that will win a Big East title in the near future. The program is surrounded by excitement and I want my family and friends to be able to share that with me."

As a senior, Sherman rushed for 1202 yards and 20 touchdowns while adding 50 tackles and five sacks on the defensive side of the ball. North Attleboro finished with an 8-2 record, but missed the playoffs in a highly competitive league.

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