A Chance to Make History

Pittsburgh, Pa., product Quamane Bryant may not be the biggest guy on the field, but chances are he's one of the bigger playmakers on it at any given time. The Brashear High School three-way standout visited Storrs this weekend with his teammates to take in some Connecticut hospitality.

Quamane Bryant made the trip from Pittsburgh to Storrs with friends and family this past weekend, not having the highest of expectations after visits to more established Big East programs in Pittsburgh and West Virginia. What the 5-foot-9, 154-pound cornerback found out however was that Connecticut can stand toe-to-toe with those programs any day when it comes to providing its players with the tools necessary to succeed.

"I went up there with Ed Tinker and Jermaine Robinson from my team and then my father and some other family came along as well," Bryant stated. "To tell you the truth, Connecticut was a lot nicer then I thought it would be and I was real impressed with their facilities, campus and program in general."

"The weight room really stood out because it was a two-level, state of the art facility with some top notch equipment. The locker rooms were really nice and the funny thing was that even the practice locker rooms were great. The entire facility and campus was real nice and I could see myself being comfortable there."

As previously mentioned, Bryant has had an opportunity to visit two of the Big East's more successful and established programs recently and observed practices. We talked to him a bit about the differences he noticed between the experiences and how he felt about the coaching staff he came in contact with.

"Watching them practice you could see that they could use some help at different skill positions on the field," Bryant explained. "The program hasn't been on this level for a long period of time, so I expect that, but don't necessarily see it as a negative. What I saw was an opportunity to where if I were to go there, I could be part of the teams that start and build tradition for the Connecticut program. Having a chance to actually make history would be cool and I respected the fact that both Coach (Todd) Orlando and Coach (Randy) Edsall treated the three of us with equal respect. Some schools we've been to they favor one over the others and it was nice being treated equally because we'd all like to go to the same school if possible."

Bryant is being recruited by a handful of schools along the East coast and has no time frame for a decision. Connecticut is definitely in the picture now and told the Brashear High School standout that he was in the "blue zone", a term used for players on the cusp of a scholarship offer.

As a junior, Bryant intercepted five passes from his cornerback position. As a wide receiver, he caught 35 passes for 635 yards and 10 touchdowns. He also scored three touchdowns as a return specialist.

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