Love Being Up There

Colorado has been the first and only program to offer New Brunswick, N.J., athlete Paul Vigo so far, however Connecticut hosted the two-way standout this spring and he gave high marks to not only the coaching staff, but the entire school in general.

Paul Vigo, a 6-foot-2, 200-pound athlete from New Brunswick High School in New Jersey is being recruited on both sides of the ball, but as far as Connecticut is concerned it looks like Vigo is being looked at to play either strong safety or outside linebacker. Recently he took a visit to Connecticut to see what the Husky program had to offer and it sounds like he could be a player to keep an eye on.

"I talk to Coach (Scott) Lakatos on an almost daily basis at this point," Vigo said. "We will text one another a lot and sometimes talk on the phone and he was really one of the first coaches that approached me as a sophomore. When I went up to visit the school he toured me personally and told me that he wants to see me in a Connecticut uniform by 2008."

"I love being up there, so I'll be coming back for camp this summer to see more and show them what I can do," Vigo explained. "I got to meet with a lot of the coaching staff and was able to sit with both the running backs coach (Terry Richardson) and the linebackers coach (Todd Orlando or Lyndon Johnson) and talk about what they are looking for right now. I think Connecticut likes me on defense at either strong safety or outside linebacker."

Every time we write an article about a recruit visiting the campus there are rave reviews about Connecticut's facilities and while Vigo did enjoy that part of the experience it was another area he was more excited about on campus.

"I'm leaning towards being a criminal justice major at school and wanted to learn a bit about that program at Connecticut," Vigo stated. "My father is a correctional officer and I want to either go into law enforcement or the FBI out of college. Obviously the facilities at Connecticut with the weight room and indoor field are excellent as well and it really seems like they push you both in the weight room and in the classroom up there. It is just very different up at Connecticut."

As a junior, Vigo rushed for 800 yards and 12 touchdowns and also added 125 tackles on the defensive side of the ball on his way to first-team All-Area, All-League and All-Division honors.

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