Camps Helping Dill Narrow the Field

Camp Hill, Pa., product R.J. Dill has camped at four schools recently and made Connecticut his last stop on Friday before heading home for the weekend. With five written scholarship offers in hand Dill will have plenty of options come decision day and it sounds like the Huskies could be in his final three to be announced in the next two weeks.

Offensive tackle R.J. Dill made the trip to Storrs along with several of his family members for the Friday camp session and while the 6-foot-7, 275-pound Trinity High School product did not commit, the Connecticut coaching staff did help themselves tremendously in terms of climbing the ladder towards the top of his leader board.

"My trip to Connecticut was a very good one," Dill said. "Coach (Mike) Foley really knows his stuff and is a great offensive line coach. I learned a lot of things this weekend and feel like I came away a better player. One of my biggest weaknesses has been getting beaten on double moves to the inside by players and Coach Foley taught me how to correct that yesterday, so seeing immediate improvement in my game from one day of coaching was great. I can tell you one thing, that Trevardo Williams kid they have is fast as heck, man can that kid run. He was playing some defensive end up there and just had blazing speed. Today definitely gave Connecticut a great shot at being in my top three as I really had a great time."

"Coach (Randy) Edsall is one of the biggest reasons I respect the Connecticut program as much as I do right now," Dill added. "He is always very involved with everything in the program whether it is a practice or recruiting itself. You can see he really cares about not only the football program, but the individual players as well. He spoke to me twice while I was there and even took my mother aside to speak with her. She actually got to meet Coach Foley, Coach (Hank) Hughes and Coach Edsall and there aren't many schools you visit that do those types of things. I think she liked that a lot about Connecticut and so did I."

Currently, Dill also holds offers from Akron, Maryland, Duke and Temple and is being recruited by Boston College, Rutgers and Virginia, all schools that he also attended camp at recently. We spoke to the young offensive lineman about his thoughts on the Husky program and where they fit in amongst some other programs he has been in contact with.

"I really see Connecticut as a program that is on its way up and think they will be a program to be reckoned with in the next couple of years," Dill explained. "You have to look at what Coach Edsall and the rest of the staff have done with that program in such a short time in terms of record and bowl appearances. Several years ago they were an I-AA program and now they have just put $52,000,000 into their facilities to go along with how hard the coaching staff has been working to take the program to the next level. The staff and the school's dedication to building a dynamic football program is pretty obvious and like I said, I really see Connecticut being a big-time program in the very near future. I just have a lot of respect for Coach Edsall and the rest of the staff and from spending time with them, you can see why they are on the path they're on."

As for the other camps that Dill recently attended, he took some time to walk us through his thoughts on each briefly, as well as inform the public as to how and when he plans to make his final decision.

"I went to Rutgers for one day and Coach (Kyle) Flood really is just a teacher when he is out there coaching," Dill stated. "You can tell he has spent time in the classroom because when you mess up he is right there to correct you and make you a better player."

"Coach (Jack) Bicknell at Boston College teaches differently then most coaches do and makes you trust your eyes when blocking," Dill added. "He taught us to let your eyes take you to your next block which is important in their zone blocking scheme and I could feel myself beginning to understand why very quickly as he coached me."

"When I went to Virginia I had my best performance in my mind, but with their recent offensive line commitments and remaining scholarships at the position it looks like I may not get an offer which I completely understand. I would love to pick up an offer from them and have the option of going to Virginia, so we will see what happens."

Dill plans to release his final three schools over the next two weeks and will then completely shut down his recruiting until July 26th, his 17th birthday and the time he has chosen to make his decision public during a press conference at his high school.

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